Sunday, 16 July 2017

Sweet Vio;ets

As fond as I am about garden violets this post is about the Royal Albert china pattern "Sweet Violets".  I had a tea cup, saucer, and plate in this pattern and have often looked for more pieces at garage sales and thrift stores with no luck. Last week my son, the one who manages the apartment/townhouse complex, was offered 7 coffee cups, 9 tea cups ( no saucers) and a small dish in this most lovely pattern by an older resident who didn't want anything for them just wanted to get rid of them. He brought home one coffee cup and one tea cup to ask me if I was interested!  Well, it was my time to do a happy dance! 

I really had no idea where I was going to put them until we went to a gs on Saturday and I bought this picnic basket ( I left the plastic dishes that were in it so the seller let me have the basket for half price) I cut some of the leather "belts" off but left the 4 that now hold 4 of the coffee cups.
Still, I had to find a place for the basket so some reorganizing was necessary. Half a dozen Teddy bears were moved and now the basket sits on the bottom shelf of my baker's rack in the sun room.

Miniatures, teddy bears and dishes... just a few of my many collections. One of these days I truly am going to run out of space. In the meantime I'm enjoying it all.

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                            Granny Marigold


  1. Dear Granny Marigold, I am truly excited about your "Sweet Violets" windfall! Wow, what a lovely surprise you must have had and yes, I can well imagine your happy dance. So happy for you (and a wee bit envious, lol). Enjoy!

  2. I love your collections! I also collect teddies, tea cups, miniatures, vintage items and books!! And hope we don't run out of room as well. X Chy

  3. So lovely! My grandmother had the same pattern of china. I have one cup from her set that I cherish.
    Have a good week!

  4. That worked out very nicely. Love your happy collections on the baker's rack.

  5. All violets are lovely.

    How nice, that you were able to get those, which that lady was getting rid of. And give them, a "good home." :-)

    Luna Crone

  6. Wonderful! I love your cute shelfie!

  7. Ohhhhh, how pretty. What a nice collection and I like the picnic basket. Nancy

  8. Wonderful, such a beautiful pattern. A great idea to store and display them in a picnic basket.

  9. I have a similar picnic basket. I had great plans for it, if only I could remember what those plans were ;-) Your son is coming in handy, in the teacup department!

  10. Oh what a joy! I love all of your collections. And I love how you saw the picnic basket at a garage sale and so cleverly fixed it up to hold your new treasures! Lovely! I'm like of these days I am going to run out of room, but until then I'll just enjoy my collections, too. :)

  11. How wonderful to be given these dishes and you found the perfect way to display then!!

  12. I'm always amazed at how you find places to put everything,lol. My mom gave me a cute china "tea cup" many years ago, but I'm now wondering if it's a coffee cup, instead. It's taller, like your coffee cups. Hmmm...

    1. Lisa, I'm amazed too that I still find places although with this last windfall I had to put some teddy bears in the bag destined for the thrift store to make room for the picnic basket. I try very hard to give away as much as I take home but it doesn't always happen.
      If your cup is taller and straighter than a tea cup it may very well be a coffee cup.