Sunday 30 July 2017

This and That

One of the oddest things to get at a garage sale? Free flowers left over from someone's wedding!!

          This bunch of Lavender is NOT from a garage sale; it's from my front garden.

 I have volunteer Dill and Summer Savory growing in different spots throughout my flowerbeds.
I brought some in and froze some of the Dill  and used some to make Borscht.
I use the Savory in green bean soup. That will be on the menu this week because the beans are in full production.

It's been very dry and hot and is forecast to be even hotter this week. This picture is from my nephew's yard. I've had a snake drink from my birdbath but never a thirsty deer!!

Thanks for visiting,

      Granny Marigold


  1. I'd rather have a deer than a snake! but then the snake wouldn't eat my flowers, so......
    Nice treat to get to share someone's wedding flowers.

  2. What a nice post. Love those free flowers! How lucky can you get?

  3. You've had a snake drinking from your birdbath???? Yikes, I'd rather have the deer. I remember all the snakes on the yard when I was growing up on the farm and still shudder. We too are in a heat wave with high humidity and desperately need some rain. My beans are in full production but I weeded out all my volunteer summer savory last summer, so now I will have to get some at the farmer's market. BTW, love your free wedding flowers.

  4. Wish we had grown herbs....

    What a lovely left-over bouquet!!!!! :-)

    We have not been dry, for sure, around here. So much rain and cool weather, that local crops, are late. But that means, we will have farm-fresh corn, later in the season!!!

    Happy Lughnasa!!!!!
    Luna Crone

  5. That made me laugh! Obviously we went to the same garage sale, although maybe you got yours this past Saturday? I got the last of the baby's breath from a wedding at a GS the Saturday before. She also had lots of pink table cloths for sale?
    I'm trying to keep water out for the critters. Will put some dishes on the ground. We have a black rabbit hanging around, and there is a feral cat as well. Not looking forward to the heat. This has to be a big jam making week for me, unfortunately.

  6. Aw! I'm glad the deer can drink from the bird bath! I guess the wedding had LOTS of flowers. Can you ever have too many flowers?

  7. And who would appreciate flowers any more than you. They are beautiful!! I love lavender and wish I could get it to grow here. I can't imagine seeing a snake in the bird bath, but we've had plenty of deer. Your pictures are really good!

  8. Your lavender is beautiful and your home must smell so good! The wedding flowers are lovely too. That poor deer must have been quite thirsty.