Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Raspberries and More

             We went raspberry picking for a second time this morning.....

....and again I ate almost as many as I put in my pail......My computer is acting up and is decided exactly where I can and can't place text so this will be a bit strange,

 The other pictures are of Water Cress that I got off the internet since the pictures I took of mine are not nearly as clear. I have never grown Water Cress before and haven't even tasted it before. I find it reminds me of the peppery taste of Nasturtium flowers. Anyway, I'm looking for suggestions how I might use it ( besides in fancy sandwiches).

Aha! Here my computer allows me to type. Maybe the heat has gotten to it.

My Basil, which has been on the sun room window sill until now is ready to be transplanted into bigger pots and left outside. It has done well. I hope it keeps on doing well until tomato season.

I think it's time to sit in the shade with a fan blowing gently on me and I'll continue reading my Susan Branch book. I am enjoying it even more than the first 2 in this "trilogy".

Be back soon,

              Granny Marigold


  1. Ha, smile at you 'stealing' the raspberries! Those are bigger than ours, which reminds me I should probably do a picking tonight. I wonder if watercress tastes like arugula. That also has a peppery flavour. Did you just grow it in the ground, I thought it needed to be at the edge of a stream or somewhere wet?

    1. I bought a small pot of the Water cress at Devon and divided it into three clumps which have really thrived. I put them in full sun ( not sure if I should have) and close to a tap so whenever I take water I give them a drink too.

    2. Interesting, well it sounds like you are keeping it damp enough!
      Have you ever tried hooking the pail to your waist when you are picking? I unsnap one end of the ice cream pail handle and hook it through a belt loop or a belt. Frees up both hands for faster picking.

  2. I loved that book. I read it straight through without coming up for air!
    You look like a pro berry picker, GM!

  3. I must admit to feeling a little envious of those lovely looking raspberries, there is nowhere local for us to pick berries. Watercress soup is always nice, the Jamie Oliver recipe is always a good one to try.

  4. Somebody "caught" you eating 'em!!!! ,-))))

    Ohhhh that watercress looks pretty, just sitting there. :-) Maybe use it, as one would, lettuce?

    Yes, sit in a breeze and read. Sounds good to me.

    Luna Crone

  5. Those raspberries look so wonderful! They are so plump and I am certain they must have been nice and juicy, too. Hubby brought some in to me earlier that he'd picked from our bushes. I hope that maybe between the red ones and the yellow ones that I'll have enough to make some jam for winter!

  6. Gosh those raspberries look yummy!
    I don't know much about watercress. It looks a bit like sprouts. Could it be added to a salad, sandwich or sprinkled on top of scrambled eggs or an omelet?

  7. Those raspberries look so yummy!!! Love your red table and chair set and that book looks interesting. I don't know anything about watercress and don't think I have ever had it that I know of. Nancy

  8. I don't think it's your computer that's the problem. Blogger was giving me fits this morning when I was trying to upload pictures. Hopefully it's working better now. Yeah, don't get hauled to the clink for stealing raspberries, girl! :) (Assuming you're paying by the pint or whatever, heh heh.)

  9. I have had exactly six raspberries to date... and my grandson ate them all! I hope they start ripening soon!