Tuesday, 5 December 2017

A Fun Day

Dear daughter has this week off work so we went browsing again. We started with a nearby nursery and were not disappointed by the decor.  So much to admire!

I took a picture of Sheila and she later took one of me but I'll have to wait until she forwards it to me as she took it with her phone.

 After the nursery we went to a number of other shops. By the time we were done I felt like I had walked miles ( maybe I did).

 One of the last shops was very near a thrift store I don't often get to go to.  She is not usually a thrift shopper but she sweetly agreed to come with me. To my glee she found Christmas ornaments she really liked...25 cents each! I, on the other hand, spotted this old jointed Teddy who had no price marked. I took him up to the cashier who looked at him and said I could have him for a dollar fifty.
You can bet I said I'd take him!   Then I had to carry him around until we went back. Made some people smile to see this granny walking along hugging her Teddy bear.

Another item I found at that shop was this Anchor/Hocking glass dish for $3. It's oven safe but I intend to use it more for storing leftovers in the fridge. I would really like to get rid of all plastic containers but I haven't found enough glass ones yet.

Thanks for visiting today,

       Granny Marigold


  1. According to the step counter on my phone, it was only 2500 steps, but it did feel like more! Fun day :)
    - Sheila

  2. Looks like a fuyn day, with some new treasures to bring home.

  3. That sounds like a very fun day. I enjoyed tagging along an peeking in on all of the treasures in the shops. It looks like you found some wonderful things and how nice that Sheila found some ornaments. Do you think she may now become a thrift shop convert? :)

  4. Photo #3... That old red clock, or imitation... Love that!!!!!!!!!

    Happy coming Yuletide,
    Luna Crone

  5. What a wonderful place GM.. really gets you into the Christmas Spirit
    I love your Thrift Shop finds..especially Old Ted.. I would have given him a home too.
    Have a great day
    Phoebe xx

  6. Oh, I love all the little buildings. It would be fun to build a Christmas village with those...and a train!! So glad you got the teddy bear. He will fit right in at your home and be so happy. Glad you got the covered dish too. I love to get rid of plastic containers.