Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Pictures from the Past

I've been posting so much about Christmas that for a change of pace I thought I'd post some old pictures today. This first one is of Kate, our very first grandchild on her very first Christmas. She was two and a half months old.

                              Here she was last year with yours truly.

        This little guy is our first grandson on his first Christmas..

          Here he is with Santa about 10 years ago with their now  departed dog whose name totally escapes me.

            And here he is with me and his mom, Sheila, our second oldest DD  ( photo taken obviously last summer.)

Another old picture with second oldest son J on the left, then DH, youngest son G, then Sheila.

 Cinnamon Bun is fully grown now and as sweet a bunny as I could ever wish to have.
One of her favourite greens is Cilantro ( which I detest).

One last picture, one that I got off the internet and I thought was cute. I hope you don't find it irreverent.

Thanks for coming by today,

     I hope you're having a good week.

            Granny Marigold


  1. Hi! Kids sure do grow up fast! Isn't it great to have pictures for our memories of them when they were little. Love the bunny. Nancy

  2. I like the fact that your Jesus looks Middle Eastern and about the right age for the wise men's visit. ;)
    I saw one meme on Facebook where one of the wise men brought a little Frankenstein doll. I think it was showing what a child thought the words to the scripture were, lol.
    The years sure do rush past with those kids and grandkids!

  3. Oh I love old pictures. You have a nice looking family. Cinnamon Bun is so pretty. He looks so clean! I've been calling my new bunny "Butter". For some reason, it fits. :)

  4. Those are a couple of cute Santa babies! Nice to see more of your family too. Is Cinnamon Bun a male or female? My male rabbit used to get a bit aggressive in the spring. Of course rabbits were never neutered back in those days. We still have our 'yard rabbit', which I have meant to blog about....and hoping it is a male.

  5. I very much love the last picture �� it’s nice touch LOL
    We do grow up way to fast, but I always cherish the moments I get to spend with my Granny Marigold ❤️

  6. They grow up so fast! I enjoyed your then and now pictures of your grandchildren.


  7. Love the pictures of your family. Such wonderful memories! Chris

  8. Love those family pics! Don't they bring back good memories?