Friday 8 May 2020

In My Kitchen

I've done some baking in the past couple of days. Daughter Sheila made lemon scones and I had to try making them too because hers looked so tasty. The directions called for them to be scored before baking and a lemon glaze poured over while they were still warm. They are good but we still prefer the recipe I always use. It's fun to try though.

In the spirit of use-it-up I made plain muffins and used the bottom of a jar of bought raspberry jam to top them.  As you can see I didn't remember to use cupcake papers until the last ones. Most of these ended up in the freezer.

I had too much milk so I made another Bisquick type recipe. I had 2 cups of frozen pumpkin that had been there for a long time. I was glad to make use of that too.

One orange, a handful of dried cranberries and 5 stalks of young rhubarb from our garden gave 2 pots of jam plus a bit. It is so delicious on toast!

Still in the kitchen...the old taps were hard to turn on and when the water came it came with a burst that made a big mess so off we went to buy a new one today.
DH installed it with no problems at all.  It's a pleasure not to have to deal with that problem any more. In case you're wondering what the little spigot on the right is, that's connected to a water filter.

While I was tidying up after DH went outside I was eating a piece of apple and cleaning the sink with an SOS (steel wool) pad and absentmindedly tried to take a bite of the steel wool instead of my apple. That will teach me to pay attention. Do you make silly goofs like that? I'd love to hear about them.

Thanks for coming by,   GM. 


  1. Put the coffee on GM! We can have a desert buffet.....and visit. I'm baking today, it's wintery like outside.

  2. My husband just replaced our kitchen faucet too... must be a thing!

  3. I havent yet tried to eat a scouring pad, but did manage to put bananas into the dish wahser this morning....only briefly, you understand.

  4. Oh my all that baking sure looks delicious and makes my mouth water.

  5. Dear Granny Marigold, you are a very good baker and cooker for fine spring-marmelade!

    Fine, that you solved the water-problem.

    You eat steel? :)

    This is normal after being so busy and creative. You are allowed to do this, but please not too much :)

    Sometimes I also forget my world around me, when I was in a great flow :)

  6. It all looks so good, but the lemony ones are what I want the most. I bet you are glad to have the sink fixed!

    I do crazy stuff all the time...the one thing being I will say the exact opposite of what I mean to say. I have been doing that a year or two and have no idea what got me started doing it.

  7. All your baking and jamming looks delish. No, I can't say I've ever taken a bite out of a steel wool pad....I'm sure I've done other such crazy things but thankfully I can't think of them now!

  8. Oh my goodness, your baking all looks delicious and wonderful. I wish I lived closer because I would be right over for a taste test. I laughed out loud at your "mistake." I'm glad I'm not the ony one who does things like that.
    Your new faucet looks great. Isn't it something how excited we get over things like that? Hubby put a new faucet in our trailer bathroom and it makes such a huge difference.

  9. All of your food looks yummy. Yes, I have done a few weird things lately, but now I don't even remember what they were. I just shake my head, think to myself, "Linda, your getting wack-o", and move on.

  10. Those lemon scones look amazing and pumpkin pie is definitely one of my favorites! So you tried to take a bite out of an SOS pad - could we be sisters? Take heart, it's often said that absent mindedness is a sign of superior creativity! c

  11. I haven't eaten a scone in ages; if I were near one of your lemon scones this overcast morning I would not even ask before grabbing one!

    A new, fully functional faucet is a joy. You are so "lucky" to have someone around to install a new faucet when needed. When I think of how much money I have spent on faucets just in the last five years... well, I try *not* to think about that, it is too depressing.

  12. All your cooking looks delicious! I'm sure we all do goofy things sometimes - they make great excuses to laugh at ourselves :)

  13. Your lemon scones look absolutely delectable! I'm envious that you already have some spring rhubarb!

  14. Your baked goods look oh so delicious! I laughed about the apple and the steel wool. I have a funny one...Yesterday I sat down at the computer and immediately started feeling around with my foot for the sewing machine pedal. I'm so used to sitting down at the sewing machine. Makes you feel kinda crazy. :)

  15. Your baking always looks so good! Yeah for a new faucet! :)

  16. I do silly goofs too, but along with doing them, my memory is also failing so I forget the silly goofs I've done. But I remember that I did them! I often am looking for my phone when it is IN my hand :)
    We also have one of those filter spigots. They are not expensive, and are easy to install. I think they're quite popular.
    Your baking is making me hungry :) Those lemon scones look esp. divine. I love anything lemon.