Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Morning Walk

We were pleasantly surprised to wake up to clear skies. Lately the weatherman ( weatherperson?) has had more trouble than usual in getting it right. In this case we were quite happy  they were wrong.

The geese parents are getting more lax about their brood, letting them stray in their quest for greener grass.

This bunny was also enjoying breakfast. 

The sunshine soon has the turtles out on the old log.

One street over we saw that the young neighbour has acquired an old car. It's completely gutted inside  and we guess he wants to restore it or maybe turn it into a race car.

We were up early and arrived at the grocery store before it opened at 7 for senior's shopping.  Found almost everything on my list although I noticed the prices are climbing every week it seems.
We'll be set again for the next while. I wore a mask which was not comfortable and made my glasses steam up. I'm thinking of getting a cloth mask and hoping it would be more comfortable. I wonder how long we'll still need them.

Thanks for coming by.  I appreciate each one of you!!

Granny Marigold


  1. Prices are going up here as well, which is a sad state of affairs.

  2. Like seeing the turtles on the log.
    I really dislike my mask and think I need a different one too. Ken made ours.
    It doesn't seem necessary to me living where we do. It is VERY easy to stay 6 feet away and we are just about the only people in the stores. But they are required so I'll wear one.

  3. Dear Granny Marigold, this was a fine early morning! The animals are so fine! I really love thes little ducks!!

    Here in Germany we also have to wear these masks. I have some problems, because I have asthma. So in many moments I let the mask a little bit fall down, so my nose is free, and nobody says something negative - - :)

    Many greetings from Dori from the Bavarian Forest

  4. I know what you mean about the steaming glasses. Sigh.
    I am thinking about making a mask or two. We'll see. We do have to wear them at the store and other open places.
    Love the turtle photo! Happy day, sweet GM!

  5. My glasses still fog up, even with the cloth mask.

    Oh, what a lovely walk you had....all those little goslings are adorable.

    I hope you get to see that car as it progresses.

  6. We thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine today, working outside. We got all of the pots moved out onto the patio, got the impatiens planted, put up the new patio umbrella, and then I sat on the patio and read my book. We have more to do to empty the greenhouse and the shed, but we're getting there.

  7. Beautiful pictures from your walk! Those turtles are pretty amazing on that log! I like the sporty look of that red car too! Glad you wore your mask to shop. My hubby wears a mask and gloves these days to shop. He brings it all home and I wipe it all down before putting it away. We do what we can, I guess. Still having to go to church online.....I'll be so happy when things open up again, even if I have to wear a dumb mask for awhile. Take care!

  8. I am so glad you found almost everything on your list! We have yet to go to a store (may soon, we've been relying on grocery delivery) but I have heard reports from various places of either it being difficult or stores being pretty well stocked, depending on where someone lives. It is so nice when we have a good weather day of clear sky...a great time to go on a walk! God bless you!

  9. What an interesting morning walk you had. Those turtles are so adorable :)

  10. Just had to come back and tell you my favorite John Prine song is the first I ever heard, and that is Souvenirs. I heard that back in 1974 and have loved it ever since...also love Summer's End.

  11. What a lovely walk with such sweet wildlife to watch grow. The neighbors car is quite colorful isn't it? I had to do online at Walmart and go in person to another store last week but I was able to get everything on my list except rice, which I found in a tiny town near our lake trailer. Our prices have been going up steadily too and meat was almost non-existent. My cloth mask still makes my glasses fog up. I've heard different places that we may be required to wear them for the foreseeable future as this virus doesn't seem to be going anywhere. I sure hope not. I'm ready to get back to normal.

  12. There appears to be shortages Worldwide of one thing or another, flour appears to be the main thing here. Prices are rising here too. Take care and stay safe.

  13. Lovely walk GM. You always get the most amazing shots while on your walk. That car is the bomb! Loving the color. I have the KN95 mask GM. UGLY! But, I only wear it if I have to run in and out somewhere. It has a filter and surprisingly my glasses don't fog up. No worries about anyone trying to get close to me when I wear it! It's not pretty!!! But much safer. I do have a cute adorable reversible cloth mask that i line with coffee filters to use sometimes too. But if going into a place that I feel there might be too many people in there to suit me, even with the 6 feet distance rule, I wear the ugly one! LOL! I am just trying to abide by the laws of the land and the Lord and girl, I am ready for some type of normalcy. Got a feeling that nothing will ever be normal as we knew it to be. My husband says we will learn to live with the new norm and I know he is right. I hope you have a beautiful day sweet lady. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  14. Your pictures are always amazing! Thank you for sharing bits of your life with us. We have not been to a "regular grocery store" for two months. We prefer to go where there are fewer people and in counties that have mandated that people wear masks or they do not enter the store. So it was interesting to hear your comment about how the prices seem to go up some each time you go. They seem to have stayed the same where we shop. I really don't mind wearing a mask because of the protection it affords me. Ours are the ones with a small piece of thin metal at the top that presses around the nose and it really isn't uncomfortable. I don't know how things are going there in your area where the coronavirus is concenred. Our county has had very few deaths in comparison to most of the U.S. but the neighboring counties around us are "hot spots" so we view wearing a mask (and gloves when shopping) a small price to pay to keep us and others safe.