Thursday 28 May 2020

Thrifty Buys

What fun it was to go to the thrift store this morning after such a long wait for it to be able to open again. The first hour is for seniors so that was great because it limited how many shoppers there were. I found some treasures, of course, and one of them was this pretty teacup and saucer which look like a set but are not. The inside of the cup and the rim of the saucer are the exact shade of blue. The cup and saucer were priced individually and were very inexpensive.

I seem to collect pot holders and these are cute. They were .50. Couldn't resist.

I couldn't resist these lovely tea towels either. They are so thick and don't seem to have been used at all. At a dollar each I bought all 4. The stencilled one I'll hang on my stove handle come Fall. Do you see the merry, dancing reindeer?  I hope I remember to hang that one out next December.

I have a confession to make. When I came back from shopping I took all my tea towels out of the drawer in order to get rid of the ones that were not in great shape any more. I was surprised to find I had no less than 35 tea towels. Enough for the rest of my life and more. I better not walk down the kitchen linens aisle at the thrift store any more. 

The sun is shining but I won't be doing any gardening.It seems I've been overdoing the bending and weeding and now I have a stiff and sore hip/back. I'll take it easy for a few days and  I'm sure it will get better.

Thank you for all the sweet comments left on my last post.  A few of you asked if my DH had any brothers still living. Yes, he has 2 that live in nearby and another in our home town in Manitoba. That's also where his sisters live.

Thanks for stopping by today,

Granny Marigold


  1. I like all your thrift store finds, and clever of you to match a cup and saucer and put them together. Were you surprised to count that you have 35 tea towels? Your old tea towels would make nice cleaning cloths. Keep on thriftin'

  2. sweet teacup saucer, I love those sweet roses so delicate and fancy. To many tea towels? no..they are lovely to rotate in and out of the seasons, so you appreciate each and every one.

  3. I am still amazed at the teacups you find. The tea towels are pretty too. Your finding 35 in the drawer reminds me of my mother. She was always saying she just had to buy a summer shirt or two, that she was simply out of anything to wear. After she passed away, Shelby and I were cleaning out her things and we counted over 60 shirts all ironed and folded. She loved the little cotton short sleeved pullover shirts with a collar and placket. She had several of every color. :)

  4. What great finds! Love those tea towels. When you mentioned you have at least 35 tea towels, I had to go count mine - I have 11. You have more than 3 times my towel inventory! Chris

  5. I like how you treasure your thrifty finds to add to your collections.
    I am taking a break from any heavy gardening too. The physical therapist dismissed me as being unable to be helped. I'll have to post about it. I am contemplating what is next.

  6. I love finding little treasures like these, especially when they are inexpensive. There is, afterall, nothing like a bit of Retail Therapy to soothe the soul and bring a smile of satisfaction to the face :)

  7. Glad to hear you were able to get back to the thrift store and you found some goodies.
    That's a lot of tea towels!

  8. The cup and plate fit fine together! they found each other!

    Fine gems you found! - -

    It's good, that - also here in Germany - special shops now after such a long desert are open again.

    Have a fine time!

    Best wishes for your healthy condition!

  9. I really miss going "thrifting". You found some real treasures. I seem to never get rid of kitchen towels, I don't know why, but they seem to live here forever. I very rarely see teacups and saucers in our thrift stores. I would use the odd saucers underneath plant pots if I could find them.

  10. How I look forward to going to a thrift shop once again, and also a quilt shop. It has been a long time! That teacup is so pretty. And I like your tea towels. The potholders are cute and could not be made for that!

    It is good your hubby has siblings left.

  11. I don't know if thrift stores are open here yet, but I hope they do soon. I'm hoping to visit my parents in Abbotsford soon, and visit the MCC. My dad volunteers in the thrift store and my mom sews quilts in the quilt shop there. Your teacup and saucer are very pretty!

  12. You found some nice treasures at your first trip back to the thrift store. I know a lot of people are missing them here but they still aren't open yet. The tea towels are wonderful. I cleaned mine out about a year ago and use the old holey ones as dust cloths.

  13. Lovely finds, the tea towels are great. You can never have enough tea towels!

  14. I loved the new addition to your collection (cup/saucer). The charity shops are not yet open here yet, I do miss them. I love the tea towel additions too, not sure how many I have it seems to be something I am always adding to. Take care.

  15. The cup is beautiful.
    Enjoy tea or coffee :-)))
    Greetings to you.

  16. Oh, do take care of your back, GM. I do not think you should stop buying tea towels. Tea towels are very important and you can't have too many.

  17. So far I have resisted going to the thrift store. It's actually been easier than I thought, the resisting, lol. Although I do think that there are probably lots of good things there right now, with people having done a lot of cleaning and sorting out. Oh well.