Monday, 28 March 2016

Happy Monday

Hurrah for sunshine!!  We are enjoying a stretch of lovely weather. After all the weeks and months of rain we're not taking this for granted.  I have finished my Monday chores ( mainly laundry) and when I've posted this I'll be going out to enjoy an afternoon puttering in my flowers.

They're pulling down a gazebo in the park. It was a lovely old one but maybe it was getting rotten. I had hoped they'd replace it but this morning I noticed they've spread frresh black soil evenly over the area and it looks like it will be put into grass.

My Hellebores that looked so pathetic earlier in the year have recuped and are looking better. Lots of blooms.

In the same corner as the Hellebores the Bleeding Hearts have self-sown and are beginning to bloom.

             Grape Hyacinths spread merrily through the flowerbeds.

My garden angel watches over a few Hyacinths and a Daffodil. There are Tulips behind her, just forming buds.

I have exactly one white Bleeding Heart. It reappears every Spring but doesn't thrive like the red ones do.
                         Happy last week of March. I hope you are enjoying every day!!

       Thanks for coming by.

                               Granny Marigold


  1. Wow, your gardens look beautiful! We are expecting cooler temperatures starting in a few days lasting the next couple of weeks. Will Spring ever come???

  2. I love bleeding hearts. I have never had them self sow, except for the wild ones.
    We didn't get much sun here until late in the day, but ai did get outside a bit. Tom got lots of yard work done.

  3. The weather has been hit and miss here with flying kites on the beach one day to torrential rain the next. Your garden is a real delight with some hidden gems.

  4. I love all your pretty blooms. I really don't have much for spring bulbs--but always say-THIS is the year I'm going to put more in.

  5. Lovely to see all those lovely spring flowers! I sure don't have any luck with Bleeding Hearts surviving our prairie winters although my sister-in-law's always self-seed. Enjoy your sunshine!

  6. Oh, my what pretty flowers you have! I like to do my laundry on Monday also! That is the day my Mom did hers!! Nancy

  7. Your spring flowers are so pretty:)