Tuesday 29 March 2016

This Week

The sun is shining and in my garden this week I have put out my tea cups. They sit quite securely on
their stands but I did make sure to put them as far as possible from where soccer is apt to be played.
On the left you can just barely see the corner of the day bed frame ( picked up free beside the road a few years ago).

So far only three tea cups have  been put in the front yard. They look a little lost right now but once everything grows they won't stick out so much.

       In my kitchen this past week.... Cranberry Biscotti

          I got out my old flan pans and made a couple of flans using a cake mix. I filled them with a cooked blueberry filling and topped them with Cool Whip before serving. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture until the day after we had guests..

       But there were leftovers and I did manage to take a picture of that.

I made Easter bread ( Paska) using my breadmaker. I couldn't find my recipe so I adjusted my regular bread recipe and added eggs and sugar. They turned out great even if no two were the same size. For some reason one looks more floury than the others but that's my camera's fault I think.

We had extended family over on Good Friday and our own family ( those who could make it) on Sunday . So my house got sort of a Spring cleaning before and now what with leftovers in the fridge I am quite free to spend my days out in the sunshine.  Today the temperature reached 20 degrees C.
( 68 F) which I'm fairly sure will have set a record for this 29th day of March. I'm enjoying every minute of it.

Thanks for visiting and reading my long-winded post today.
I love reading your comments so don't be shy.

          Granny Marigold


  1. Looks like you are ready for a tea party. I'm curious - how do you secure the caps and saucers to the poles? are they drilled and bolted?
    Lots of good food comes out of your kitchen!

  2. Linda, I will try to explain how my DH affixes the tea cups. He cuts a wood circle using a hole saw and makes a half inch hole in the middle. Into that hole he glues a short length of dowel. Then using silicone he glues the saucer to the wooden circle. I found it better not to glue the cup onto the saucer. It's much easier to clean if they are separate. Anyway, he cuts 3 ft lengths of 5/8 inch electrical conduit and drives them into the ground, slips the dowel into the top and Voila.

  3. Ah, the worst part about wheat allergies--I so do miss all the wonderful treats.
    And I really like your teacups in the garden! How sweet....

  4. I love those cup/saucers in your garden they look amazing. I have just shouted my husband to come and look at them so I could have some in mine they are amazing. Great looking food too.

  5. Your garden is looking so pretty with all the teacups. Reminds me a little of Alice in Wonderland. There you go with that baking again! It looks absolutely delicious!

  6. I love you teacups! They look so pretty. So glad you are enjoying such nice weather. I haven't made Paska in a couple years. Seeing yours now I want some. Have a good week!

  7. Your garden tea cups are charming and your garden looks like an ideal place to enjoy a cup of tea.
    Once again you have made me hungry with your scrumptious looking baked goods. That biscotti looks especially yummy.

  8. Oh, my I do love your tea cups!! Do you put bird seed in them. You have been so busy baking yummy things. I need to get back to that! Nancy

    1. I don't put bird seed in them for two reasons. The cup is apt to tip when a bird lands on the edge and also, with all the rain we normally get the bird seed gets moldy quickly.

  9. The teacups look so charming! That biscotti looks yummy.

  10. Your baking always looks so wonderful, and makes me drool! But, we have chosen not to eat grains any more (other than the odd time when we eat out), so I just drool for a moment and move on:) I like the tea cups, a good excuse to keep buying them, because I'm sure the odd one gets broken now and then;-)

  11. The teacups are absolutely adorable! I bet people slow down when they drive by!