Thursday 31 March 2016


I am so happy to change the calendar page over to April. It always seems to me that we can expect warmer weather now although we've been so fortunate this last week of March with sunshine and warm temps.  
    My Bloodroot ( Sanguinaria) is blooming. Plants start to bloom before the foliage unfolds. After blooming the leaves expand to their full size.
Someone gave me this plant some years ago,  not knowing what it was and I had some difficulty getting an ID. It took a knowledgeable man at one of our local plant shops to identify it.   Later in summer it will go dormant and disappear, That is why I keep it safely in a pot.

     Leopard's Bane ( Doronicum) is full of cheery yellow daisy-like blooms.

The spectacular Magnolia tree makes a splash of colour. We don't have one but the park has several and many neighbours also do.

                            These last 3 pictures are taken from the internet.

Thanks for coming by today. Hope you are having a great week and maybe even great weather.

                                                Granny Marigold


  1. Hi! I can see why you would want to keep your Bloodroot in a pot. Beautiful magnolia trees! Nancy

  2. The bloodroot is wonderful! We used to have Leopard's Bane, but it did not persist. Now I realize how much I miss it.

  3. As someone who is MONTHS away from flowers, I really appreciate that you share your beautiful ones with us. Glorious. My eyes are starved for color here and these really are a treat.

  4. Beautiful bloodroot, a stunning plant.

  5. Your flowers are beautiful. The bloodroot is very unusual, and pretty. I'm so happy to see spring!

  6. So nice to see all the flowering plants. We heard you were having a great week weatherwise. We are waiting for snow! It is supposed to be a cool couple of weeks here.

  7. Isn't our weather wonderful? The trees are blooming like mad. Cherry, plum and pear all blooming. Looks like the ornamental cherry might start tomorrow. Daffodils almost done and tulips starting. And of course weeds and grass going totally wild.

  8. Your Bloodroot looks Seuss-ian!They look like the the trees he draws! I am impressed with your Blogging, btw. Gave mine up - I think I may try again in the summer when I am off work. But You Go Girl!!

    1. Yes, I noticed you hadn't posted anything lately. Hopefully come summer you'll feel inspired again.