Wednesday 20 January 2016

Odds and Ends

I paid a quick visit to the thrift store and found some lovely things. This ceramic Christmas birdhouse has been put away in the Christmas cupboard awaiting next December. I must remember to be careful when I pick it up because the base isn't attached.

A number of pretty things were .50, among them this very heavy tray or maybe it's a dish for appetizers. I tried to find an easel to hold it at an angle but it's so heavy it tipped them all.

So I leaned it under the window, behind the sink where it can't fall over. I rather like it there.

         Here it is from a little farther away.

These cute bowls are very different from what I ordinarily would pick but I love red and black and they were .25.
The orange is only there to show how small  the bowls are.

That's enough treasures. Here is my latest arrangement on my old sewing machine. Sort of moving towards a Valentine theme, I guess.

In the living room I have had three candles on a green runner on the coffee table for ages. It was time to change it a bit. I  think this looks like Spring, don't you?  The ceramic birdhouse was a gift from my daughter.

I am so not into doing crafts ( mainly because they never turn out) but I did try making these hearts from discarded book pages. They were meant to hang but I prefer them flat.

It's my turn to cook tonight. There's a ham in the oven for the carnivores. I know how the grands look forward to fresh cheese buns.  I ran out of cheese so in the back there's a long French bread  made of the same dough. One bun got rather long too as you can see. More like a mini loaf.

That was my day. I wonder what everyone else did?  Whatever it was I hope it went well.

Thanks for visiting,    Granny M.


  1. The cheese buns look delicious! They are pretty!
    Your stainless steel sink is very clean and shiny, GM!

  2. I did nothing inspiring. You had lots of fun!

  3. I always like the things you pick out at the thrift shop. The little tray like dish looks pretty there at the sink. The colors are so pretty. Those rolls look delicious! I'm not much at crafting either. I had much rather sew. Your paper hearts turned out pretty.

  4. You have a bird and birdhouse theme today and I love it. What a cute little Christmas bird house...what a pretty one on you Valentine table...and I adore your little arrangement on your coffee table. Your home looks so pretty. And I must say..your cheese buns look delicious.Wonderful post..thank you for sharing
    Phoebe x

  5. Ah, nothing like a successful visit to the thrift store! You found some nice things:)

  6. Your cheese buns look delicious. I like your idea for using the basic roll recipe and changing it up to suit your needs. I'm going to have to get a bit more adventurous I can see. Do you let the dough rise again after it comes out of the machine?
    Your decorating looks just right for this time of year. The divided dish looks perfect where you put it.

    1. Yes, I form the dough however I want that day then let it rise as you would with any dough. Seems to wok all the time for me.

  7. I love all your pretty things. I too have an old sewing machine. It was my Oma's. Your cheese buns look heavenly!
    Not much going on here. Cat sitting, a few errands and a long walk. Today I plan on making bread.
    Have a good day!

  8. Yum! Those buns look good. I do like the tray where you put it. Looks very nice! Pretty paper hearts you made too! Nancy