Tuesday 5 January 2016

Thinking about Food

It's a chilly wintery day with a cold rain falling on yesterday's snow. Didn't dare go walking as I have no desire to fall and break a hip. So I got out a stack of Taste of Home magazines to pass the time until my granddaughter comes over at noon.
The whole subject of food is, for me, a difficult one. As I've often said, I don't much enjoy making meals. When I was feeding a large family I had a 2 week rotating menu and that meant I didn't have to really think much about it. Just a matter of doing what had to be done.
Now that my DH and I are eating alone 5 days a week it has become a trial to me.  ( We eat together with our son and his family two days a week. One day at our "house" and the other time at "theirs" Which is downstairs))
Anyway, back to my problem with food. I doubt I'd bother making much if it were just for myself. I'd be one of those old ladies that eats toast 3 times a day. Maybe add a salad once in a while. Oh yes, and lots of fruit. 
I am getting way off topic here. What I set out to blog about today was the presentation of food. All the lovely photos of food so well presented on just the right platter and just the right garnish. I am more inclined to put saucepan or casserole right on the table.  I'm browsing these magazines in an effort ot see how I could possibly, with a small effort, make the food I serve more presentable.

So here it comes. Do you go to great lengths to make your food 'pretty'?  Do you put saucepans right on the table?  Does the average woman really go to that bother? 
I'm going back to my magazines now, looking for inspiration. BTW, I almost never make any of the recipes I so eagerly peruse. I read cookbooks like novels and prefer those with lots of colourful photos.

Please leave your comments. I love feedback.

        Granny M.


  1. Hi G.M. it is hard to get inspired after so many years of making meals. I try to make things look nice on the table. I tend to plate our meals on the counter and then just bring the plates to the table. I am not fond of pots and pans on the table. My parents were the same so it is just what I am am use to. I love reading cookbooks too and have quite a few!
    Take care.

  2. I think most good food is pretty all by itself. Green stuff is always pretty. I have a hard time making it all look like a picture when we are feeding the whole family. I've never been good at that.
    Toast IS good, isn't it?

  3. I so understand where you are coming from. My biggest adjustment with having an empty nest was learning to cook for only the two of us. I tend to leave the presentation aspect of food for guests and family gatherings. Otherwise we often eat buffet style - no serving dishes required. Chris

  4. It varies here, sometimes there are dishes on the table, sometimes we help ourselves from the counter or stove. I like my cooking dishes to do double duty as serving dishes also. Whatever the food was cooked in ends up on the table, except maybe for some dishes when we are a bit 'fancier' such as at Thanksgiving or Christmas or we have company (rarely). Why wash any more dishes than you have to is my motto!

  5. I would never put a sauce pan on the table. I cook for two almost every evening, with lots of fresh ingredients, and Yes, I make sure the presentation is attractive. I like it that way. And yes, sometimes I don't feel like cooking, but I always feel like eating, so I cook.

  6. When we have family for a meal we eat in the dining room and I make an effort to set the table nicely and present the food I've made in a pleasing way. BUT... when it is just hubby and me we fix our plates at the stove in the kitchen and carry into the living room and eat watching the evening news!

  7. No, I don't make my table beautiful! I don't usually put the saucepan on but I do use the same bowls I use in the microwave. I am tired of making meals too. I wonder if after fixing so many meals for so many years we just grow weary of it. But yet, I would not like eating out all the time and it would not be healthy. Nancy

  8. You have described me perfectly...toast three times a day if it wasn't for having to cook for Poppy. Really, sometimes I enjoy cooking a meal. I like setting a pretty table but since my husband only sees the food and getting the meal over with, I sometimes just put a spoon in the pot and set it on the bar.

  9. hehe..oh love it..put the pan on the table..an kick back Granny Marigold(:)
    oh we are casual too..with company we set things out nicely..
    but with just the two of us..
    we just eat on the couch (:)
    Oh I hear you on the stay in --its slippery outside thing!!

  10. I like toast too and popcorn! I usually serve right from the stove, even if we have a crowd, then I set it out buffet style. I cannot see putting everything in serving dishes just for looks and lots of extra dishes. We freeze many things, chili, several kinds of soups and baked beans. I also have a great hotdish that freezes well and a lasagna . That keeps us in food the nights I hate to cook...we take turns...and sometimes we both cook:)