Sunday, 10 January 2016


When we left on our walk this morning we heard before we spied seven swans flying overhead. We watched to see if they would land on the lake but they kept right on flying. Swans are such magnificent birds.  An adult swan weighs more than 30 lbs and is one of the largest flying birds!

Of course I have more to say than that I saw seven swans...    here is my thrifty tip of the week . We buy milk in 4 liter jugs ( 3.78 US gallons)  because the 2 liter container is only a bit cheaper than the 4. What happens though is that by the time the week is over I have milk that is just beginning to go 'off'. That is when I make one of my stand-by recipes. Today I made an Impossible Pumpkin Pie
 ( the recipe calls for Bisquik and I'm sure you've seen variations of the Impossible pies before). This recipe uses a cup and a half of milk so I still had 2 cups left. I made chocolate pudding with it and now we're set for dessert for a while.  What do you do with milk that is just going off?  I have a friend that freezes it in 1 cup amounts but I know if I did that I'd never get around to using it. 

I don't think I've mentioned the angel that I picked up for .50 at the thrift store. One of her wings is broken ( her mate was whole and was marked at 2.50 so I left her behind). I had thought I'd put her in the garden come Spring but now that she's in the kitchen I rather like her right where she is.

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           Granny Marigold


  1. Your pie and pudding look delicious!
    I have a few recipes that call for milk too. One muffin recipe uses a cup so I make it when I have so milk starting to turn. We will also have a pancake lunch if I have a couple of cups left.
    Lucky you seeing the swans!

  2. Like you, I was faced with one litre of milk that had to be used up by today so I made a big pan of overnight egg & cheese strata that will be our evening meal along with a fresh fruit medley. Leftovers will make a handy lunch for tomorrow. Otherwise, I use up milk in muffins and/or waffles served with lots with Mennonite white sauce. I've never tried freezing it though.

  3. What a privilege for you to see those beautiful swans. I buy organic milk. Part of the reason is because we are not milk drinkers and the organic lasts longer. Sometimes I make powdered milk for baking. Nancy

  4. I buy milk in 1 gallon jugs. I usually run out. But since the grocery store is only four blocks away, I I just go buy more. I don't have it around long enough for it to go bad.

  5. Oops, 4 litres is 1.06 US gallons. There are 3.78 litres in a US gallon;-)
    When we used to buy milk we were usually okay at getting through the four litres because we used to make oatbran porridge with milk every morning, and then I would add cold milk over it. I too used to make muffins or use it in a chocolate cake recipe if it did happen to start going a bit off. Now we don't use cow's milk. I've had the coconut milk go off the odd time, and it gets put into some banana muffins.
    That's too bad that you didn't get to see the seven swans a-swimming....;-)

  6. Oops for sure! Thanks, Karen.

    I know...the swans must be why all day that darn song has been stuck in my mind.

  7. Aw shucks, you guys beat me to the seven swans a-swimming line! :) I wondered how you went through almost 4 gallons of milk per week! I, being alone, have a challenge finishing a 1/2 gallon per week. I didn't know you could make recipes with it when it began to turn. How long do the items last after making them? I do remember the Impossible Pie recipes from years back.

    1. I'm not sure how long anything would last because it gets eaten so quickly but 2 or 3 days I guess.

  8. I have never seen swans fly. There are a few at the pond in front of our local hospital in the summer but I've only seen them in the water. When I have "extra" milk, I make bread pudding (I save bread crusts and random "stale" bread in the freezer for just an occasion. I also make regular pudding and sometimes corn chowder. I'm going to try the impossible pumpkin pie... I never thought of using it for that. My hubby would love that!

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    Beijos Marie.