Sunday 11 September 2016

A Pleasant Sunday

We had more gorgeous sunny weather so DH and drove out into the country and found a nice dike to walk on. The river was calm, the big old trees just hanging over the water. We met only one man who was walking his 3 dogs. I thanked him for leashing them as soon as he saw us. He said they'd never bite but probably would have jumped on us.

After our walk we continued to drive along country roads and saw a sign that said apples and pears for sale. We turned in and there was a cute little store right on the yard but not a soul in sight. We wandered around, took some pictures, still no one came out. In the end we bought 2 bags of apples from the stand, one of red and one of green/yellow apples. The latter are SO tasty. I wish we'd gotten a lot more. There was an old cookie tin to put the money in. Not too many people go with the honour system any more, For obvious reasons.
  After we came home we made 2 apples crisps ( one for us and one to give away) , froze one container for winter enjoyment and there's still quite a few left. All for two dollars. Can't beat that.

Thank you all for the sympathy after my careless fall. I'm still very stiff and sore but determined to do everything I normally do just it takes longer. You can be sure that for a long time to come I will hold on to that hand rail and be careful of slippery socks. But... knowing me I'll find some other way of getting my bruises. It does run in my family, this ability to run into things or trip on them.

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Granny Marigold


  1. Oh, that sounds like my kind of walk and road trip. I am envious of those apples for that price!

  2. So glad you're feeling better. I think taking a walk is a great way to help the stiffness.
    And what a deal--$1 a bag apples. I'd buy 10 bags!!

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely day. Great deal on the apples!
    Take care!

  4. Your walk sounds delightful. How fun to find The Apple Farm. I was just thinking yesterday that I am ready for the first apple of the season. After reading your post I am even more ready.

  5. What a nice relaxing Sunday...

  6. Oh, wow! That is a cute store. Can you tell me where it is? I might need to pick up some more apples to dry! That is a great price for the apples.

  7. I found it! Me being me, I like their prices ;-)!

    1. If you're buying the dollar bags maybe stick to the green ones because some of the red ones had brown spots inside not visible from the outside. Besides, the green ones are way tastier.

  8. That was a pretty place and with bargain apples too! :)

  9. How wonderful to come across such an amazing store. Those apples look great perfect for making seasonal deserts and preserves. Hope you are feeling better.

  10. Aw! Poor GM! I hold on to the railing, too. When I was a lot younger I slipped on our stairs and hit my tailbone and it hurt for SO long.
    Take it easy, friend.