Friday 30 September 2016

Good-bye to September

It seems just a few days ago we were welcoming September, and now it's the last day.  We had another chilly morning ( 5C or 41F) followed by a sunny day. The tomato plants got pulled out and the good-sized green ones put away in case they really do ripen. Which I'm not at all sure of  .We've eaten so many that we won't be too upset if they don't.

Walmart had big bags of gourds on sale so I bought a bag and came home to re-do the box on the table.I still need to find an orange candle for the old candlestick ( made of links of chain welded together).

 This is my Spring/Summer bird feeder. Today DH took the top part off and put back the Fall/Winter one and I slipped off  the 3 sided pink cover that fit over the tiled 'column'. Voila!   Good thing I have a patient spouse who builds what I dream up.

                         Oops!  I see it needs a bit of straightening up.

The littlest didn't go to school today due to tummy upset. We paper turkeys...the kind where you draw around the child's hand to make the outline. Some of his got embellished before being stuck on my fridge.  Actually, now that I look at it some of those turkeys look rather strange.
Our Canadian Thanksgiving being in a couple of weeks means there will be a lot of turkey projects as well as other Fall themed artwork around.

What did you do on this final day of September? 

Thanks for popping by....

Granny Marigold


  1. Those Turkeys look amazing, great art work. Love your Autumn décor.

  2. Oh how I love the idea of your "convertible" bird feeder! Very ingenious indeed! Yes, September has passed us by and now October has arrived. I will have to get myself motivated to get back into the garden to pull out the rest of the tomato plants - I'm a rather fickle gardener and am tired of the outside obligations by now - I would like to "forget" about tidying in there now but alas, it waits for me..... Happy October!