Wednesday 6 February 2019

A Birthday and some Treasures

It's Laura Ingalls Wilders 152nd birthday!!

Laura Ingalls was born on February 7,1867 and died just a few days after her 90th birthday.
Although she began writing the books that would eventually be known as "The Little House" books when she was in middle aged, the first one wasn't published until she was 65.
Her books have been translated into 40 languages!!

My collection of her books is small but I'm always on the lookout for more.


I went to the thrift store today. Didn't find any books but I did find some nice little treasures. I like the 'retro' glasses (.25) and the little jug. I find we use soup plates quite often so now I have 2 new sets of 2, one of which is sort of Christmassy ( the yellow set) but I plan on using them all year round. I need a better picture of the green bowls because you can't really see them in this photo. Next time I'll have a better one. 

Our weather continues to be very cold and more snow is forecast. We were able to go walking this morning and found that the path was fairly clear and dry.

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  1. You always do so well at the thrift store, I love the jug very pretty.

  2. that little jug/large creamer is darling and those bowls look so pretty! glasses are always handy! I love thrift stores too, I always go to them with my Mom when I am in MI where we have many that we like! have a great day today! I love Laura's books too, wanted to add!

  3. I love the Little House sure to take a better photo of the green bowls. I love to see what others find.

  4. I've just finished reading the whole series. Never read them as a kid. Really enjoyed them.

  5. My third grade teacher, Mrs. Burke used to read a chapter or two of the Little House books to us at the end of each day. It is one of my fondest memories of grade school. I planned to go to the thrift store yesterday but we had a storm so I didn't. Maybe tomorrow.

  6. I didn't know this was Laura's birthday, she was such an amazing lady, and how interesting to note that her books didn't get published until she was in her 60s! Really sweet finds at the thrift store, I love seeing what treasures other people find when they go :) Your pitcher is beautiful, and the soup bowls will be very handy, as it seems winter is digging its heels in! It is very cold here as well, and more snow expected. Blessings :)

  7. I loved the Little House Books, I read them aloud to my girls. We uses soup bowls like your also. :)

  8. Laura Ingalls Wilder was a wonderful writer. How blessed we are to have access to her books.

    You had some great finds at the thrift store. Love those bowls, especially.

  9. Happy birthday, Laura! I hope she knows how much joy she has brought to so many people with her books.
    Your new dishes are pretty. We also have been using soup 'bowls' much more often. I find they work better than plates, because you can scoop most foods more easily. Stir fry, rice dishes, even French toast is better. I use mine quite often.
    Thanks for the pretty post!