Saturday 28 September 2019

This and That

We went to do our grocery shopping yesterday and no sooner was I in the store than the sole of my right shoe came almost totally off, Just about 2" at the toe part still was attached. I hobbled my way through the store and surprisingly enough only one person kindly told me about some special shoe Goo that I could fix my shoe with.  Rather embarrassing.
I did do my shopping and even found some of my favourite marmalade on sale!!   Are you fond of marmalade?  I've made my own but it's never quite like this brand.

DH and I went to some garage sales this morning.  No teacups but books are right up there at the top of my list as well. This whimsical fairy book has secret envelopes that still have their tiny notes inside.

Another book that I was so pleased to find is this one.  I'm one who picks up dropped grocery lists and reads what others buy.  I pick up notes that I find on the ground in the park ( I've found "breaking up" kind of notes as well as love notes. I keep them all.  So you understand why this book appeals to me.  The author was a book seller as were his parents. From the age of 8 he sorted through books often finding bits of cards or letters that had been used as bookmarks and forgotten.  Even as an adult he continues to be intrigued by what shows up. ( He even found a very old dry marijuana leaf in a cookbook)

That's been my Saturday so far.  I did get some outside chores done. Youngest son came by and wielded the big manual cutter as he cut down the row of Lavender then he went on to the Hostas  finishing up with the Astilbes. I came behind him and gathered armloads to out in the garden waste cans ( which we'll put out for pick-up on garbage day).

Thanks for stopping by,     Granny Marigold


  1. What an interesting collection to have, things left in the pages of books.
    I've left a book mark in a book and our town librarian saved it for me!! You don't find that in a big town!
    I prefer jam myself, nice and smooth.

  2. The idea of collecting notes is really interesting, but then I never seem to find any. I wonder if anyone has found any of mine. I don't think they would be very interesting.

  3. Sorry to read about your shoe, hope you manage to get it repaired. Loved your book finds, the fairy book was a delight.

  4. That with the shoe sounds like something that would happen to me.

    I would so love that book of things left in books...I am one that reads things like that and I listen in on others conversations....

  5. That book of forgotten bookmarks sounds fascinating! I'd love to read that. So nice that you have strong young help in the garden!

  6. That book is a find!! Did you buy new shoes?

  7. Some fascinating books for sure, and some interesting things left in them. :}

    I love marmalade and that looks wonderful!
    I've made my own too and it was not as good, but it was fun to make it with my grandson who LOVES marmalade and he's only 10. It must be the English in him. :}

    Take care ~

  8. What a bummer about your shoe. I would be very interested in that bookmark book. I've found a few things in thrift store books and it always seems like finding a little treasure, although most of them wind up in the trash.

  9. I would love to look at that "Forgotten Bookmarks" book. I too pick up grocery lists and always look through books from the thrift store for notes and things. You are good at finding special books and teacups especially.

  10. I love the collection of forgotten bookmarks! I'm currently using a ticket from a basketball game that Callum went to :)
    - Sheila