Monday 30 September 2019


We ended September with a beautiful sunny day and moved into October with clouds.  I did get some outside jobs done ( with help from my DH).  He changed the bird feeder from the Spring/Summer pink to the Red Fall & Winter one.   I ran out of sunflower seeds and the poor Chickadees kept coming to look if by any chance the feeder was filled. Which it now is.

My hanging baskets are just about done but this Coleus just keeps on growing.

                             I'm not sure just what this plant is, maybe an Impatiens? 

 Remember my shoe that came apart?  DH used Gorilla glue to stick the sole back on and used the weight of the table to hold it until it dried. I'm happy to be able to wear those comfortable old shoes again.

Have a great week!!    Thanks for popping by,    Granny M.


  1. yay for shoe fixing! sorry I missed that post (what a neat book from that book seller!)... I love how you do things according to seasons! a HUG to you as October is here!

  2. Glad you're getting your shoe repaired. Looks like something my husband would do, which is a good idea. You grow the most beautiful plants. If that one plant is Impatiens, it is the prettiest one I've ever seen. I haven't grown Coleus is years. I need to do that next summer.

  3. The coleus is beautiful color.
    Good idea using the table leg to for your shoe. : )
    Happy October. Hope this month goes by a bit slower than last month!!

  4. I hope he gorilla glue husband used to use it for everything. It is October...seems like September was gone in the blink of an eye.

  5. Happy October to you!
    I love those reds in your plants, quite striking.
    Gorilla Glue is fabulous!!
    There's nothing like a favorite shoe that you hate to loose, happy to see that you saved yours. :)

    Have a most beautiful day~

  6. New Guinea Impatiens and very pretty! I love favorite shoes!

  7. A comfy pair of shoes are worth saving! It's fun to watch you and your hubby do clever things like that. I do think that might be an impatien plant - the leaves and flowers look right. Your coleus is amazing! When they get going well, they really flourish. I like your winter bird feeder a lot!!