Tuesday, 21 September 2021

First Day of Fall

 I know, I've been going on about how it's Fall already but officially I think it's the 22 this year.  

I went out earlier and looked at the moon. I forgot to yesterday but I doubt it could have been any more beautiful than it was today.

On my walk this morning I noticed that the Canna lilies in the park have these weird pods which I assume are their seed pods. I may cut a few of the brown ones and see if I can germinate them next Spring.  Anyone have any idea if it would work?

I brought more cherry tomatoes in today. I need to pick the Early Girl ones too but I'll do that tomorrow. We had such a lovely day today. 24C and a few summer clouds in that blue sky. When  you' live somewhere where it tends to be solid clouds for weeks on end you don't take clear skies for granted.  The forecast for the tomorrow is showers again.

Thanks for visiting, GM

teacup #6


  1. Another beautiful teacup. Those tomatoes look tasty, we have just come to the end of ours.

  2. I bet those cherry tomatoes were delicious!!

    I'm really enjoying your teacup showcasing!!

  3. Those tomatoes look delicious! Hope you get to enjoy a few more sunny days before winter descends. Mxx

  4. Another pretty cup. :-) We had a gorgeous day yesterday and woke to a very pretty one this morning too. It was 46F so quite chilly.
    Have a great day.

  5. I just love Teacup #4. What a color! My mother grew cannas from seed, and she would store the seeds in peat moss in the fridge until spring. But this is so long ago now. There might be a more modern way now. She said cannas and all the lily-like plants don't have good viability in seeds for long. My mother could grow ANYTHING! I am glad you got to see the harvest moon. I looked last night, too, and it still seemed very round. Your cherry tomatoes look so good!

  6. We have had clouds yesterday and again today...no seeing the moon here for a couple nights at least and I sure miss it. One winter we went weeks of barely seeing the sun and I was miserable.

    Love, love, love that teacup.

  7. Such a pretty teacup. We woke up to the sound of rain this morning and it's overcast and grey, but I hear the sun is returning. Happy Autumn!

  8. We have never let our cannas set seed. Maybe we should let a few set to see what they do.

  9. Happy Autumn to you too. Lovely looking cherry tomatoes!!

  10. Beautiful colours of autumn in red, yellow and gold - - -

    Our Radio also told me, that he 22nd ist the day-and-night-equal.

    Now really the night is growing. I red some sentence, which said: "I like autumn more than spring, because in spring we look to the earth, but in autumn we look to heaven."

    Have a fine spiritual autumn-time!

  11. Wait for the seed to dry. I would sore them in the freezer or at least in fridge then in the spring nick the seed and soak them before planting them in pots...and see what happens.

  12. In my experience with canna lilies in our yard, they are hard to get rid of. I don't think they spread via those seed pods - maybe they spread through roots/rhizomes? I'm not totally sure. They're pretty.
    We're having very clear weather; we have a big "high" overhead. This is keeping the hurricanes out in the Atlantic, away from us, which is wonderful!