Friday, 3 September 2021


 Youngest son gave me this Welcome sign for my birthday.

I have already shown this Herbs sign that eldest daughter made for me,

 now she made another one which I've put on the other side of the path to the tap.
Sorry it's so hard to see. I don't have the knack of taking great photos.

She also made this sign which is about 18 by 9 inches and I've hung it over the gateway to the area where the swing is. I tried to get it into a picture but the sun and shade made it impossible.

The Share the Love of Autumn sign hangs on the inside of the back door.


We're having a federal election later this month and of course there are all sorts of signs that have been erected for the various candidates. I thought this little cartoon was very apt.

Thanks for stopping by today,   Granny M


  1. Love your signs! And your new header photos! I am SO ready for fall!

  2. Love all your signs...and I especially like the cartoon at the end!

  3. The Peanuts cartoon at the end-- so true. So true!

  4. I love the signs! And your beautiful gardens. Talented children you have!

  5. Love all of your sign, but I especially like the Welcome sign. I've been wanting one of those. There is much to be accommpished in the next years isn't there?

  6. Roflmao. Love the political cartoon.

    All your signs are terrific...and treasured since they are gifts from your children!!

  7. Lovely signs, great gifts to get.

  8. Lovely, lovely signs! I would love to have that sign "Share the Autumn..." on my door :)
    Have a great weekend and take care!

  9. What a nice collection of signs you have.

  10. First the last picture: what a funny cartoon!

    Really lovely signs!

    Beautiful garden and always a good energy in and around your house.

    You can be proud of your children.

  11. I really love the welcome sign your daughter made, and the Peanuts cartoon was hilarious :) xx

  12. I like all your signs...and love that little cartoon, too.

  13. I really like the cartoon, so true! :)