Thursday, 29 November 2018

Christmas Books

Around this time of the year I get out my children's Christmas books and read them to M ( if he sits still long enough), or we look at the pictures. A Porcupine in a Pine Tree has uniquely Canadian gifts such as Cariboo,  Royal Canadian Mounted Police,  Beavers, Stanley Cups, that sort of thing. It's one of M's books and I get to sing it with him ( he only chimes in for that last line about the porcupine).

Woodland Christmas is also a Twelve Days of Christmas one with a twist. A young bear goes courting and brings wonderful woodsy gifts to his love.   Each day's illustrations show his 'courting progress' and the book ends with the wedding. It's an adorable book.

Cats and Carols has wonderful cat paintings on one side of each page and on the other are the words of a carol embellished with decorative initial letters.  Each page has a different and lovely border.

I found this tin Advent 'calendar' at the thrift store. M and I couldn't quite figure out if we should start at 24 and work our way back or start at day one. We decided to start on the first. The 6 pointed star is magnetic and you move it over the numbers. The sheep are also magnetic. The whole thing has a sturdy piece attached to the back so it stands.

These two at ChrisMoose and his pal ChrisMouse.  For now they are hanging out on the couch.
They may yet move under the tree.

                         This nursery rhyme is less well known but nevertheless cute.

Thanks for coming by today,

      Granny Marigold


  1. ChrisMoose and ChrisMouse are so cute and your story books are a true treasure!

  2. I love getting out the Christmas books! Yours are sweet!

  3. Those are some nice books! I think you need to read your GS the Wonky Donkey book :-) If you haven't see the video, it is a Scottish grandmother reading that book to her infant grandson, and she can't stop laughing, and you can't help but laugh along with her. The rhymes in the book are very funny too.

    1. I have laughed myself to tears watching that video!!!

  4. Just starting sorting through the books, I like some on hand for little visitors but I am taking some with me in readiness for reading to the Grandchildren.

  5. That poem is delightful! It's a grand idea to get out the children's Christmas books. I ought to do that too. I'm delaying setting up for Christmas, and I shouldn't. All our stuff is in the cold garage ... don't want to go out there and bash myself against the dead car in the garage! I'm still debating whether mice are nice ....

  6. I love that rhyme about the mice. I've never heard it before. I like mice too! Your Christmas books look sweet. That's a good idea. I used to bring out all my Country Living Christmas magazines at Christmas and put them on the coffee table. Guess they are a bit too old now, since most of them are from the late 80's and early 90's. The magazines were beautiful back then.

  7. I too took out my collection of Christmas books as I added some new ones this year so I felt I needed to donate a few of mine. Interesting how the picture books, illustrations and rhymes about mice are so adorable yet the thought of having mice in the house makes me shudder! I agree with Henny Penny about the older Country Living magazines being so beautiful - the new issues are filled with displays of things one can buy/order but have few articles about hearth and home that warm the soul.