Sunday 18 November 2018

The Art of Lennart Helje

Are you familiar with the Swedish painter and illustrator  Lennart Helje?
He paints Christmas elves and animals in snowy landscapes. He also paints
Tomten who are mythological creatures from Nordic folklore often associated
 with the winter solstice and the Christmas season.   I hope you enjoy looking at a
 few of his pieces today.

I have no illustration for today's poem but it seemed an appropriate selection.
I remember the teacher reading this poem to the class when I was in grade one. 
I've loved it ever since.

Up the airy mountain,
   Down the rushy glen,
We daren’t go a-hunting
   For fear of little men;
Wee folk, good folk,
   Trooping all together;
Green jacket, red cap,
   And white owl’s feather!

Down along the rocky shore
   Some make their home,
They live on crispy pancakes
   Of yellow tide-foam;
Some in the reeds
   Of the black mountain-lake,
With frogs for their watchdogs,
   All night awake. 

There are more verses to this poem if you're interested. These are the only ones I'm familiar with.

Thanks for visiting today,

Granny M.


  1. That painter is very talented and paints in a style and a subject matter that I like. I do love art, and majored in Art History in college so thank you for this post.

  2. Loved the pictures, although they seem familiar I have never come across the artist before.

  3. A talented artist and his pictures are cute.

  4. I am not familiar with this artist but I sure enjoyed his paintings. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a fun poem! And I do love the artist, too. I'm pretty sure I've seen his work but I didn't notice the name before. Thank you for both!

  6. He's one of my favorites! And I think the pictures you posted illustrate the poem pretty well! :)

  7. Both poem and artwork are just lovely! I've seen his work before, but didn't know whose it was. Thank you!

  8. What whimsical little creatures! I enjoyed each one! And I love your teacup header...just beautiful!

  9. Never heard of this artist before. I do like his paintings they remind me of we folk in a fairy garden. Your header is very nice. Love the pretty teacups.
    I really messed up mine. I wanted to change it up a bit and lost my blog list! I found that the whole sidebar moved to the footer. I did another blog list and everyone came up but yours! You are still on the "footer" list so all is not lost.
    Have a great day! Chris

  10. I wouldn't have been able to do my header without my granddaughter's help. Even so it didn't come out as I had wanted but it will do. I wish I were more computer-savvy.

  11. The 3rd picture down with the two tomte in the tree hollow is by Swedish artist Lars Carllson.