Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Craft Fair

                       Here are a few pictures taken at a craft fair we went to this morning.

                            This display had a lovely assortment of lavender products.

What attracted me were all the forks and spoons  with wire-wrapped beads.  There were many different sizes to choose from ranging from salad servers to these dainty ones. I imagine the fork to be for serving pickles (?) and the spoon for jam?  They look big on the pic but are actually about 5" long.

Once I got home I lined them up with various others I have and found that I have quite a collection :)

         I couldn't decide which of these nursery rhymes to post  today so  I'll include both.

I'm afraid that since I was born on a Wednesday I am apparently "full of woe". Well, there are days....   
What day were you born on?  ( Easy to find out if you google the date)

Thanks for coming by today.
Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends.

  Granny Marigold


  1. I am a Saturday Child and I worked hard for a living, along side Mr D. But now by God's grace we are retired and life is good.

  2. Love the illustrations that go along with the poems.
    Didn't know what day I was born so went and looked it up. I too was born on a Wednesday.

  3. Haha, apparently I am full of grace! Well I do my best to try look graceful when we are dancing, but I know I don't look very graceful when I walk. I chuckled at the first poem, well some of the things they pair with the months didn't seem right, such as daffodils in March, and then three months later for tulips? A little bit of artistic licence taken there I guess!!

  4. Thursday...I have far to go! Loved seeing the loons. Those beaded serving pieces must be all the rage on the West Coast. My Mom got a set from my Sister in law in Oregon:) I have not seen any here:)

  5. I was born on a Wednesday too, I don't feel woeful. Love the beads on the cutlery.

  6. A great post! <3
    I am following you and invite you to me

  7. Thursday's child here. I love a craft fair so many interesting things to see. I have never seen beaded wrapped serving pieces before. I wonder if they would difficult to clean if one were to use them? They are very interesting. I loved the carved loons too.

  8. I'm a Thursday's child! X Chy

  9. I love your new header. You collect the prettiest things. I've never seen spoons and forks with beads before.

  10. I never thought of checking on which day of the week I was born - I too am a Wednesday child! Interesting cutlery though I'd think they might get food stuck behind the wiring? That trend hasn't arrived here yet or else I'm unaware of them. Always fun to browse through a craft sale especially at this time of year!

  11. I was born on a Saturday, and I don't think I ever knew that! Thanks. It's a sweet poem.