Sunday, 25 November 2018

This and That

We went for a drive and stopped at a cute little shop. The fire was burning and it made the room so cozy on this chilly day. 

While we were driving we spotted a field with a flock of swans feeding. There was no way we could stop without creating a traffic problem so this photo is off the internet but  looks much like what we saw ( except there were probably close to 20 in that field).

When we came to this strange building going up we were able to stop and take pictures.
I have no idea what it is going to end up being.

 For those of you lucky enough to have backyard chickens I'm posting this cute nursery rhyme today.

Thanks for stopping by today.
           I hope you had a lovely weekend.

                    Granny Marigold


  1. I remember that poem!
    I love the swans in the NW.
    Have a great week, GM!

  2. That is a pretty little shop. I can't wait to decorate for Christmas. What a weird looking building. :) That is one of my favorite nursery rhymes. It reminds me of my little black hen; the one I rescued.

  3. The shop looked like a great place for browsing the Christmas decor. We have 6 black hens, they have just started laying so we are quite excited.

  4. That is an interesting that an elephant? Hope you'll post pictures when it's completed. Mr D and I love to go for a nice drive, sometimes great things are discovered!

  5. That's quite an interesting construction job going on there! I bought a sofa, dining table and three lamps at my local thrift store this morning. As I walked out to my car a small flock of swans flew over. So fun to see them and their slightly different honking sound. :)

  6. Thin Christmas trees like in the picture are my favorite kind. Think they are great for seeing the ornaments.
    Cute rhyme and illustration.

  7. My love for that nursery rhyme was the reason I acquired two Black Australorps as part of my first flock of chickens!

  8. Hickety Pickety might be a great name for a hen :) That little store does look so cozy and festive.