Friday, 30 November 2018

Last of November

It's the last of November and that means it is our wedding anniversary.  55 years ago we were 2 very young, very sober-looking people. ( the Mennonite church didn't encourage frivolity. Also didn't allow photos to be taken during the ceremony hence the lack of others in this pic).

 This next picture is off the internet and it is so apt because my bunny loves cilantro ( and I detest it).

Here's the last of my November poems. To my surprise many of you have commented that you enjoyed them.

PomPom, ( PomPom's Ponderings is a delightful blog. Check it out) suggested that , if we wanted to join in, we post every day in December. It's a great idea and I'll try to do so. I often wonder which is better, to post short posts often, or longer posts less often. What do you think?

Thanks for faithfully coming by and  leaving comments. I love reading them even though I don't often reply since I'm never sure if anyone actually comes back and checks.

                          Granny Marigold


  1. Happy Anniversary wishes!!! Hope you are celebrating with hubby this weekend! I have enjoyed your nursery rhymes/poems this month. (And yes, I do go back and check for replies if I have enquired about something related to your post.)

  2. If I post everyday I suffer burn-out and take some time off, I try to post a few times a week but it seems when I'm on a'roll' I just keep posting. I just shake my head. So, to answer your question...I just don't know! Happy Anniversary, love the picture. Mr D and I will celebrate 56 yrs on the 21st.

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! It is such a gift, to have a marriage at all, but to have the friendship and love and family extend over decades is something not given to many. May the Lord bless however many more years you have together on this earth and increase your joy day by day.

  4. Happy Anniversary!!! A marriage is a great gift in any case, but to have the friendship and love and family extend over decades is not given to many. May your joy increase day by day.

    You have reminded me of my own Christmas books which are surely the easiest decor I own. I love that tin calendar. A blessed Advent!

  5. Short posts often is what I like but everyone is different.
    Congratulations on 55 years. Happy Anniversary.

  6. Rossetti poems are always so charming.
    Congratulations on 55 years together! It is a real blessing to have such an enduring life partnership.
    I post when I have something to show or tell.

  7. Congratulations on your anniversary! I really enjoy reading your blog. I try to respond to people who leave messages on my blog, but, like you, I wonder if anyone ever goes back and checks! Happy weekend!

  8. Hi! Congratulations and yes you two do look solemn! When I have time and energy I like to look back to read the answers to my comment. Enjoy the week-end. Nancy

  9. Happy anniversary. I find that I blog when I have something to say and time is also a factor. I have enjoyed the poems/rhymes bringing back some lovely memories.

  10. Hi, GM. I never come back to a blog and check for a reply (sorry!!!) I try to reply to people via email, which works for me.
    I love Rosetti's poetry, and I do love that illustrator, although I forget his name. I have quite a bit of his work in some kids' books.
    I think you get more readership on a blog if you do short posts more often, and people enjoy reading a shorter post. But I'm long-winded and tend to go on ... and on. :)