Tuesday 18 December 2018

Around the House

Not much is happening around the house so I'll just post a few pictures and wish you a wonderful day.

Thanks for visiting,

Granny M.


  1. I love your tree!

    And the bowl of ornaments gives me an idea... since I'm not decorating a big tree this year, I have lots of balls, etc. left over...

  2. Your Christmas decorations are so pretty. I like them all, but the tree skirt really caught my attention. Did you make it? It is beautiful.

    1. A friend sewed the white tree skirt for me about 15 years ago. The colourful one on top of the white one was a thrift store find. I'm glad you like it.

  3. What a pretty collection of pictures. Hope you are having a wonderful day too. : )

  4. A really cozy house, and not over-done with Christmas. You did a good job.

  5. I remember making those clove studded oranges many many years ago in Brownies. We fastened a ribbon around them so they could be hung in a closet as an air 'freshener'. Enjoying those brief moments of brightness in this damp time of year.