Saturday 1 December 2018

House Tour and First Sunday of Advent

The house tour was somewhat disappointing as other years have been much better organized.
Only a few rooms were decorated and there was no one at the piano playing carols.
One year there were people dressed up in period costume. Nothing like that this year.

This photo makes me smile because I hadn't noticed that woman lurking in the hallway.

                                   The tree in the parlor was very pretty.

         The bedrooms upstairs .

Here at home it was time to light that first candle on the Advent wreath.  I must have made that wreath at least 10 years ago.  Since it's just me and my DH we eat at the little table in the sun room.

                                        Everything looks nicer in candlelight.

                           I hope you have a blessed Sunday.

                                          Granny M.


  1. Your Advent wreath is SO PRETTY! I love the green candles. Blessed Sunday to you, dear GM.

  2. Your Advent wreath is so pretty. What a wonderful house. I can just see in my minds eye, how nice it would be filled with children and laughter. I am visiting from Pom Pom.

  3. We are certainly missing the Advent ring as I have only put a few things out this year as we are going away. A compromise was made and we just lit a candle. Such a shame you were disappointed by the open house tour.

  4. Pretty advent wreath and the house is lovely.

  5. That is quite a house you visited. I like all the colors of the different rooms. Your table looks like a cozy place for coffee and tea. I'm glad you observe Advent. Phil

  6. The quilt on the bed is Grandmothers Garden, it is so beautiful! I also liked the lime green furniture and apricot walls it kind of goes together!

    1. I had to go back to the photos and take another look at those quilts. I know so very little about quilting so I'm always glad to have someone enlighten me.

  7. Just noticed that the other bedroom has a varieation of Grandmothers Garden also...very pretty!

  8. Oh, your Advent wreath is very lovely -- prettier than anything in that other house even. I like it in the dark!