Saturday 1 December 2018

Tea cups and a Leaky Roof

Hello dear friends. Thank you for all your kind words and  sweet anniversary wishes.

Now, you may be asking yourself why in the world am I taking half my tea cup collection out now when I should be concentrating on getting ready for Christmas!!  The sad fact is that we have a leaky roof and the water was dripping right in front of my display cupboard splashing onto my teacups and making a big mess. Knowing that finding the leaky spot would mean taking off some ceiling boards I wanted to make very sure none of my cups would get broken. So DH stood out there in his boots and handed me the wet tea cups and I set them onto the table until I could find a big box where I could pack them in to for now.

                 This is what it will one day look like again.  Hopefully.

That's my little adventure of the week.  I hope your day is a fine one. In a little while I'm going to walk down to the lovely old house that I walk by every day on my walk because they are having an open house with the house all decorated for the season.  I hope they allow cameras!

Thanks again for visiting,



  1. Oh, no. Bad timing for a leaky roof, as if there ever is a good time.
    I wasn't expecting the serious rain we have had here today either. Cookie baking has taken up most of my day, and soon I'll have to get up and get ready to go to a party.

  2. Oh no, sorry to hear about your leaky roof. Hope you're able to get it fixed quickly.

  3. All the other things don't stop happening in order for us to take a whole month for Christmas :-) Good job making safe your beautiful cups!!

  4. Your teacup cupboard is gorgeous! I love that color. I hope the roof is fixed. I also hope they allowed cameras at the holiday open house!

  5. Always something when the holidays approach. I'm sure it will be corrected very soon.

  6. So happy that none of your lovely cups & saucers got damaged. Hope your leaky roof gets fixed soon!

  7. Hope you managed to get the roof fixed and there wasn't too much damage. Beautiful display cabinet.

  8. I'm sorry about your leaky roof! I know how trying that can be. The house sounds lovely - I hope they let you snap some photos.