Sunday 2 December 2018


I told the grands we'd wait until December to put out the nativity sets and they were ready and waiting!  M always puts this one up. Until this year he would mischievously put baby Jesus on the roof. or a sheep in the manger. This year he declared himself too old for such antics ( I'm glad).
Those camels chained to one another are forever falling over but he patiently puts them back up.

This is our very old set, ordered from the Sears catalog many years ago. Surprisingly enough not one piece is chipped and the music box ( which plays Silent Night) still works.
Miss C. puts this one out and for some reason all the sheep are squished together. Must have been frightened  by the angelic hosts singing.

 We have a large cardboard one very much like this one but until my pear collection comes down there's no room to set it up.

Years ago a local church presented a live drive-through nativity which was amazing but unfortunately they  don't have it any longer. 

I hope you enjoyed a peek at our Christmas so far.

Granny M.


  1. Wonderful!
    A drive through Nativity? What a brilliant idea!

  2. A beautiful nativity. How amazing after all those years that it is still in perfect condition even though the children play with it, it is obviously well loved.

  3. Beautiful Nativity sets.
    I always put the three wise men in my Nativity in a different place because they didn't come until a couple of years later.

  4. I love your Nativity sets. Every Christmas I think how I would love to have one. I feel terrible about missing your posts. I do love your wedding picture. Happy anniversary. Loved the bunny in the refrigerator too!

  5. I just read on another blog about their Hanukkah tradition. You have your own Nativity tradition. Wonderful!