Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Teacups and Raccoons

It wouldn't seem like Tuesday if I didn't have treasures to share. Two Royal Albert tea cups today, both with blue forget-me-nots. This first one is quite petite and delicate. It's from the Dainty Dina series and is called 'Emily".

            The second is  from a series called Nell Gwynne and is called Covent Garden.

I have another RA cup which unfortunately has no saucer but has the same shape as the Covent Garden one.  It is called Serenity.

And just for something other than tea cups I will show you some pictures from our morning walk yesterday.  These are the first Canada Geese babies we've seen this season.

Our biggest surprise was to see not one but two raccoons up in the tall trees. They looked quite young and we speculated that they didn't make it home before people began to walk in the park so they retreated up where they felt safe. Raccoons are mainly nocturnal so we don't often see them although we know that several live in the park.


Thanks for coming by today. I hope you leave a comment so I know you came by.

                        Granny Marigold


  1. Speaking of raccoons, I have noticed how much our borrowed car, Charlie, sometimes looks like a raccoon, so I thought it was Charlie at the patio door until I saw the young raccoon climbing up on the picnic table near the door where Charlie usually sits to bet for food. I would rather that cat and coon don't mix it up, so the coon kit got shooed away.

  2. Aha, you caught the raccoons playing! Your trees look kind of like ours. Buds but no leaves to speak of. I look forward to the greenery! Beautiful teacups!

  3. Oh that is a pretty tea cup. I had a whole set of china by Royal Albert, Memory Lane. I gave them to my daughter quite a few years ago. Did keep one tea cup and saucer.

    Love to see the geese and their babies.

  4. I LOVE that first tea cup...not that the others aren't beautiful, but that first has a special appeal. Love seeing critters, too.

  5. Your Emily tea cup is gorgeous!

    Those baby geese are darling and lucky for you to be able to get close enough for a picture.

    Bless you ♡

  6. Your teacups are lovely. I love Forget-Me-Nots, whether they be on china or in the ground. But they do tend to take over garden space if not kept at a minimum.

    I always enjoy visiting and seeing what treasures you have.

  7. oh that's lovely, the teacups! and nature! raccoons!!! :)