Monday 29 July 2019

Monday's Trivia

How are you, my friends, on this the 210th day of this year?  Here it is sunny and hot as July slides slowly into August. There's an early touch of almost Autumn in my house. At a garage sale on Saturday I got two bunches of artificial flowers ( paid a dollar)  and it seemed a shame to put them away for a month. So here they are....

DH and youngest son both agree that the long trailing things in this bouquet look weird. I'm not denying it but neither am I taking them off.

I already had both the striped jug and the quilted table topper. All I had to do was plunk the orange mums into the jug.  I really like this one better than the other.

The first tomato of the season.  I sliced it and had it on toast for my lunch. It was yummy!

Earlier today I was out watering my thirsty flowers when a Hummingbird came to have a shower in the mist.  I held my breath as it came so close to me. It was amazing!!  I've had this happen in other years but it never loses its charm.

In spite of the heat I'm making an oven supper so I thought I'd bake bread while the oven was on anyway.  By this time the breadmaker has probably done the dough so I better go deal with that.

Thanks for coming by,   G.M.


  1. Gorgeous flowers GM...and you display them just as you want... every artist is different
    Ohhh theres nothing tastier than a tomato picked straight from the garden..yummy
    How wonderful the humming bird came so close. We have them here too...but I have never had one come close
    Phoebe x

  2. That's a fine tomato! We're mighty hot over here too, but not as hot as a few weeks ago, thankfully. Still WAY too try though.

  3. We picked our first two tomatoes today too.
    I like your first bouquet. It has dimension and character. .

  4. I love hummingbirds!! I've had the same experience with them several times over the years. One time I was weeding, sitting on the ground by my cannas, and two of the hummingbirds buzzed right around my head like wittle helicopters, looking at me while I held my breath and watched them in awe. I e ven have a video of the time my grandkids first saw hummingbirds in our backyard, but it's grainy because it was taken the first cellphone I ever owned, so many years ago.

    We've been getting really good, ripe tomatoes from the kids' plants. They are tasting soooooo much better than any you can buy at the store! They seem to have taken longer to grow this year... we all think the cause was the flooding rains in May and part of June.

    Both of your centerpieces look great! Don't wuite remember what plant has those long thingies, but they're kinda cool. I like that striped jug and quilted topper together! they were made for each other.. and the mums!

    Have a happy and blessed week, G.M.! ♥

  5. Love the orange display the doily an the flowers were a delight together, a great match. The first tomato is always one that tastes the best.

  6. I love both bouquets...what a steal you got on them!

  7. I hope my other comment went through...forgot to say that seeing hummingbirds always gives me a little thrill. They are special...

  8. What great looking tomato!! We don't have any yet and it is not looking good!!
    Cool to have a close encounter with the humming bird.

  9. Nothing like fresh grown tomatoes from the garden, they even smell different before you cut them, and that taste is oh so good. Your mum flowers match real pretty with the mini quilt. Love the Fall. The Queen Annes Lace dried up like it dows in nature, it curled up. It's still pretty, I thought it would dry flat and open. But it still will look pretty in a bouquet in the middle of the winter.

  10. YUM! That tomato looks so good. I love a good old fashion tomato sandwich. I have several bushes of tomatoes that so far as looking good. We planted them late. They are still green but I am looking forward to picking them soon I hope. Humming birds are surely fast aren't they? I love to watch them zoom in and out. My sister had one come very close to almost landing on her one afternoon while watering her plants. She later wondered if it was because she had on a bright red shirt. They say humming birds are attracted to red. Have a great day dear lady. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  11. I have to agree with DH and your son... sorry! I absolutely love the orange flower arrangement... what gorgeous, vibrant color! Hummingbirds fascinate me, they are such fun to watch.

  12. That tomato looks so good, I love them so much. I like both of the flower arrangement but I think I like the second one the best too! Hope your bread turns out good!!

  13. Yep....nothing like a home grown tomato...yummy is right!
    Hummingbirds are such fun to watch!

  14. Tomato sandwiches, oh yum! I may have to make one for lunch today. 😉
    This last week or weather has been cooler, I can almost smell Fall in the air.

    Have a most beautiful day 🌻

  15. I used to make my bread in the breadmaker, I didn't bake it in there, but mixed it. It gave the bread a good need. Our weather has cooled, but it's still 80's....I am looking forward to fall it is my favorite season. Thank you for stopping over at BeeLights. I hope to pour some candles this weekend, I'll have some free time as the guys will be out doing a scouting community event.