Friday, 17 June 2022

A Failed Recipe


 I tried a new recipe yesterday. Impossible Chocolate Pie. I like those Impossible pies both savoury and sweet and I've never had one fail. Until now. This is how it should look ( with a brief description from the internet.)

 Chocolate Impossible Pie is a wedge of dense chocolate indulgence that couldn’t be easier. Simply whirl the pantry-friendly ingredients in a blender, pour into the pie dish and bake!


This is what mine looked like.  And yes, I followed the recipe.


It's edible but disappointing.

I picked up 2 books that I had requested at the library. They're the ones on the right. The other 2 I picked up at the thrift store.  Hopefully these will not disappoint. I have read others by Elizabeth Hay and Ann Cleeves. The other authors are new to me but reading the blurbs they sounded interesting.

It's another day of overcast skies but no rain so I will work outside cutting back some overenthusiastic Shasta Daisies that are crowding the roses.  Youngest son is coming over later and will do some digging for me.  

Have a pleasant weekend.   GM






  1. We have a steady light drizzle here, but not enough to discourage the hired crew tackling our holly hedge.

  2. Oh too bad about the recipe not turning out right, but at least it still tasted good.
    I haven't read any books by those authors. Hope you like the books.

  3. Ha ha ha: "Simply whirl the pantry-friendly ingredients in a blender, pour into the pie dish and bake!" You did! Your pie does not look too bad! I should do the same :) :) :)
    Have a fine weekend with good books, joy with your plants and with your good digging son! Happy family!

  4. Your pie doesn't look bad. If it tasted good, that's all that's important! We had bright blue skies all day which made it very hot. I need to do some, (a lot), of weeding but it's just too hot for me outside. I think I need to get up early when the sun comes up around 4:30 or 5:00 and do the weeding and then shower and go back to bed!
    Blessings and hugs,

  5. What a disappointment the new recipe failed, even if it tastes good (which, I suppose, is the most important thing).
    Enjoy your reading and have a happy weekend :) xx

  6. I hate making some new recipe and it know how you feel. I hope your books dont disappoint.

  7. I hope the pie tasted good! Enjoy a nice cup of coffee, a piece of pie and a good book!

  8. My grandson told me recently when I was a bit frustrated with the way something turned out, "Don't worry, you are just a bit rusty from not practicing enough on us." Ha Ha! The Lost Quilter caught my attention...wondering what that's all about...

  9. So sorry about your pie . . . it still looks like it would be good, especially with a scoop of ice cream :)
    Daisies and roses, how very delightful. It sounds like your garden is growing and blooming fantastically.

  10. I didn't think your pie looked too bad, and at least it tasted okay.

    All the best Jan

  11. Although your pie doesn't look like the recipe photo it does look delicious. I'm glad it tasted good. It's rainy and cold here for the next couple of days, but I'm okay with that. We've been working hard in the garden and it feels good to take a little break. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  12. It's a shame if the cake didn't turn out the way you wanted it... but fortunately that rarely happens!!! We were in the field and picked strawberries - 4 euros a kilo, we picked them ourselves - wonderfully fresh. I really like it.
    I made strawberry cake and jam... and ice cream :-))) It's a very hot day these days - an unusual 36 degrees (97 Fahrenheit) and I also made lemonade with strawberries and mint.
    Rain is supposed to come tomorrow.
    have a happy sunday Greetings from Viola
    ... I wish you a lot of fun reading :-)))

  13. Aww I wonder what happened! I do an Impossible pie with Italian Sausage and Bisquick, eggs and milk, it never fails:)

  14. Looks can be deceiving, if the pie tasted good I think it was a success. The books all look like a good read, hope you enjoy them all.