Thursday 16 June 2022

My Morning Walk

Overcast and 13*C (55*F) when we left for our walk this morning. The waterlilies are taking over the lake again. Some years there has been some sort of machine that comes to clear them out but they always come back.


There were very few ducklings this Spring. I'm not sure why but I missed seeing them. This mama duck must have had a late start.  You can just see the third duckling in the bottom right corner.

 A fancy fountain is in the works for the lake. The first step was to put in the electrical. I like how it is decorated.


When we came back from our walk DH went on to his volunteer job and I did some gardening. Today I put in supports for the perennial Fuchsias ( which couldn't hold itself up last year. Not taking the chance that it flops again).  Also tied up some very tall  peach-leaved Bellflowers ( also prone to flop).
Before I came in I cut a branch of the Mock Orange to bring in.

I don't think I have shown you this strange piece that I found at the thrift store. I like it.

Thanks for visiting today. Thanks also for all the lovely comments. I love reading them.  GM


  1. That is a strange piece. Maybe part of a candleholder?

    The painting on the fountain is beautiful!
    Cute ducks. 😃

  2. I like it too, quite Continental i think.

  3. Sounds like a peaceful day. Love the fountain decoration (I assume that's where the electrical is housed) and I your thrift store find is pretty. Is it a candle holder?

  4. Congratulation for the duck-mother1 She does good work to shelter her kids. The waterlilies do what they have to do: Grow and live.

    Friendly picture on the cell!

    Your plants like when you look after them. I think they know you very good!!

    This oriental house for a candle tells about the story of thousand an one night. Great fairytales - -

  5. I haven't seen any baby geese or ducks here this year.
    Is your cute thrift store find for a candle?

  6. What an odd item to find, but it certainly has an appeal about it - both quirky and cute. I would have brought it home as well, if I came across something like this :)

  7. I have some tying up to do too but between both of us we got most of the floppers supported.
    Momma ducks must have to deal with a lot of heartache. Ducklings are such easy prey.

  8. That is a very pretty mural on the electrical box! Some years the Lilly Pads seem to choke things out. I have heard that the roots are good to eat:)

  9. I like fancy painted electrical box too....very colorful! I also like your new find from the thrift it a type of lantern? Would you put a candle in it? You find some really cute things! Glad you have a few new ducklings to watch! Take care!

  10. The painting on the lantern? is so pretty. Perhaps it's for a candle or even a small plant.

  11. I really like your thrift store find. What lovely weather for a morning walk. We have an excessive heat warning until midnight Monday night. No walks happening here. Dennis worked in the rock beds for over 4 hours today and got himself a sunburn. He pushes himself all of the time.
    The Mama duck is doing a great job with her little ones. The water lillies don't seem to be bothering her at all. I remember seeing lots and lots of water lillies on a lake on the continental divide in Yellowstone years ago. They were gorgeous.
    Have a lovely Friday my friend.
    Blessings and hugs,

  12. Hard to imagine those temps with as hot as it has been here! I would enjoy them. I love that piece from the thrift store!

  13. Love your thrift store find, looks very pretty among your flowers. There's something so peaceful about watching ducks - have I mentioned I love the outside world!!

  14. I think the painting on the fountain is very nice.
    Always nice to see the baby ducks.

    All the best Jan

  15. Your mock orange blooms are wonderful, so large compared to the ones on my two bushes, which are a different subspecies. Mine also aren't terribly aromatic. The purpose of planting them at either side of the patio was to get their scent when sitting there. But the flowers are small and the scent very mild. They are pretty, though! I never thought of bringing a branch in, but I might do that next year. Mine are all done blooming now!