Friday 10 June 2022


 It's evening and I just came from sitting on the porch watching the rain pouring down. It was forecast for today but waited until after supper to begin. That meant I was able to be outside puttering away getting small jobs done all the time looking what was getting ready to burst into bloom. The Peony is almost there as well as the huge old Mock Orange. All we need is some sunshine but this Spring sunshine isn't something we've had much of.

A couple of years ago I planted some Nectaroscordum  bulbs in Fall and they still come up in Spring and last a few weeks. They get quite tall and I didn't stake them properly so some broke off.   These are also known as Sicilian honey garlic and are related to Alliums.  Here's what I found on the internet:

Growing up to 4 ft. high (120 cm) and spreading 12-18 in. (30-45 cm), this beauty may self-seed freely and is virtually disease-free and pest-free! Easily grown in moderately fertile, well-drained soils in full sun or partial shade.

 So far no volunteers have grown but I wouldn't mind if some did appear next Spring. They certainly are very different.

I hope you have a pleasant weekend. Thanks for visiting,  GM



  1. The scattered storms predicted for us this afternoon never appeared. Same forecast tomorrow so I guess we'll see what happens.
    You have some of the most interesting plants and plant names that I've ever heard.
    I hope your Saturday is a sunny one.

  2. O Granny Marigold, I love this old wise owl!!
    I must learn this poem by heart!

    I see you have a lot of rain and less sunshine during this spring. But I see always a lot of sunshine in your heart and around you and healing, necessary rain, too. The flower is fascinating!

  3. I want to remember the name of that flower.. you have shown me something new.

  4. Most unusual. Not one that I had come across before.

  5. Here on the island we have no rain and a lot of sunshine! Its hot! The grass i s no longer green...I really hope for som rain soon :)
    Have a great weekend and take care!

  6. I've seen those on gardens and thought they were a type of allium. Interesting.
    With all the rain and some wind, everythig is growing tall and vulnerable to breaking off. I will be tying up more things today.

  7. Very unique flowers on that plant - the name of which must be a challenge to pronounce correctly! If it's related to Allium then yes, I would imagine it would self-seed as I make a point of deadheading my allium after learning the hard way that the little babies were coming up everywhere, including in between other perennials such as peonies and daylilies and hard to detect in the beginning.

  8. That's a very beautiful flower, GM! I hope it spreads too. You've had too much rain, and we've had too little, honestly. Many days it's a 20% chance, but it never comes.
    I love your description of sitting on the porch, waiting for the rain to start. That sounds so nice.

  9. Your flowers are so unique! I haven't seen those before. Love your wise old owl pic too!

  10. I've not heard of Nectaroscordum before; it looks quite pretty. Does it smell of garlic I wonder?
    And I love that Wise Old Owl poem - my grandfather introduced it to me many years ago and I think it is gorgeous :)

  11. Now I noticed the poem about the wise old owl in my notebook.

  12. Hi GM! Oh these are really pretty, never heard of them before. I will have to look into these.

  13. Interesting bloom! Love the poem! :)

  14. did you end up staking them? I found a place online which sells them.they are pretty thanks