Monday, 3 October 2022

A Busy Day



 We had a busy Monday starting with my appointment with the optometrist. On our way back we stopped at the Pumpkin Patch to look around and maybe pick apples as we've done in other years. 

A sign informed us that there was no pick-your-own apples today.  So we had a look at the different products in the store ( very pricey), took some pictures and continued on our way.

We stopped at the post office to mail a card and also buy a book of stamps. Stopped off briefly at home to pick up many boxes of 'stuff' destined for the thrift store. After dropping those off we picked up a 40lb bag of the wood pellets that I use for my rabbit's litter then home for a well-deserved cup of coffee.

Now I have a cherry pie in the oven. Since the oven will be on I might as well plan on an oven supper.
That's about it for my day.

The latest on the kittens....Two of the bigger ones are lapping up "Kitten Milk" that GD Kate brought for them.  I had no idea such a product even existed.

Notice: I have been having trouble with commenting on some blogs. These are the ones I noticed recently:  It's a Small Town Life (Michelle), Pics and Pieces (Rose) and finally HWIT Blog. Just so you ladies know I'm visiting you but am unable to comment.

Granny M


  1. A busy and nice day. Nice to see all those pumpkins. Hope you're having a nice relaxing evening.

  2. You are a busy baker! I am having trouble commenting on some blogs too. It's ver frustrating when you write a long comment and then it fails to publish.

  3. Fine kitten-milk is good! It's made of soya I think - I gave this also when I had my small motherless baby he is adult and ever young but a little bit old..

    Look all these yellow pumpkins in the sun! Great!

    The cherry-cake was a fine meal for evening, or for the next day..

    I did not know, that you have rabbits, too - - -

  4. A cup of coffee sounds good right now...maybe cause I am chilly. I love the photo with all those pumpkins.

  5. Sounds like you had a busy day! I love looking at the lovely fall displays too but like you, find the items pricey. The kittens must really be growing by now. I have never heard of "Kitten Milk" before!

  6. You did have a busy day! We visited our local farm stand today too... we got apples, corn and a half dozen pumpkin donuts. Like yours ours has a lot of treasures for sale but like yours, ours is very pricey! Have a great week!

  7. Pumpkins on the truck and around it is a great pic! I wonder what the kitten milk would taste like.

  8. Pumpkins dominate the markets at this time of year. I love seeing them. I've never heard of kitten milk, either. A cherry pie sounds delicious.

  9. Blogger & commenting has become a challenge these days
    Enjoyed seeing your day's outing in full, living, color.
    I had seen kitten's milk At Pet Smart before.

  10. Sorry about the apples! I hope you can go back later and pick some.

  11. Blogger commenting is troublesome, I do wish they would address this. Oh I do love a pumpkin patch, we have a similar place where we live, it is an orchard, farmstand and in the fall a pumpkin patch. I had to look up what Angylpta was. Learn something new every day. That wallpaper, I actually had to touch it to see if it was flocked, I was surprised when it wasn't, just wallpaper. But lovely.

  12. You were definitely busy. We used to go to the pumpkin patches in Washington and I do miss it. The one I know about here charges $39.99 per person!!!!!!!! just to get in. It was free back home. Yikes.
    Your pictures are so much fun. We're getting ready to go camping for a couple of days. I'm looking forward to it.

  13. That was a busy day. A cherry pie sounds like a nice way to end the day.
    I have been noticing random problems with commenting. I wonder why it is just at certain blogs. Either way it is frustrating.

  14. I managed my optician and my new reading glasses are sitting on my nose :-)) You made a nice round. The pumpkins are beautiful. I made pumpkin soup for lunch today... I like it a lot. And I would definitely like to have your cherry cake too :-))))
    Your last comment was also anonymous for me, but you wrote me Grandma M... underneath it. Many Thanks. I'm very glad about that.
    Many greetings from Viola

  15. ... and I hope you find my comments on your blog ... Have a nice time. Hug from Viola