Friday 28 October 2022

This and That


Happy Friday!  Not that Fridays are much different than other days once you're retired. We did the grocery shopping first thing then struggled to get Miss Kitty into the cat carrier for her trip to the vet. Today is the day she gets spayed. Needless to say she was less than thrilled.  DH dropped her off at the vet's on his way to Gleaners.

I like to have at least one project to do in any given day and today's was to sort something so that the 9 Amaryllis on the porch could be protected from the cold. I've read that they're okay as long as the temperature doesn't fall below 10C  50F.  I picked up 2 large cardboard boxes and lined each with an old blanket covered with plastic. They fit quite well into there and the boxes are sturdy enough so if and when the temperature falls below 10 we can bring them indoors for the duration.   This is the first year I haven't made them go dormant so they bloom in winter. I don't mind if they bloom in spring as I believe they do in their natural settings.

I had a couple of questions about the Borscht that I made and my recipe for it. I Like many of my soups I just added this and that remembering how my Mom would make it but on-line I found one similar to the one I made. I couldn't find beets in a can at the grocery store ( doesn't anyone eat those any more?)  and being somewhat lazy I just left them. I also left out lemon juice.

Easy Vegetarian Borscht Soup - Happy Kitchen.Rocks

Have a great Saturday.

Granny M


  1. I buy beets all the time at the grocery, in fact I had some canned beets for dinner last night. Did you ask a clerk to help you find them? They are very beneficial for good liver health, so I like having them in my pantry.

  2. Poor Miss Kitty - not pleasant for her, but so necessary these days. Thanks for the recipe link - I looked and it sounds so easy to make as well as being delicious. It's now on my To-Try list :)

  3. Well, I'm no expert, but can you have Borscht without beets?? I always thought it was beet soup. :-)

    1. You're probably right but the way my Mom made it cabbage was the necessary ingredient. She even made a type of Borscht using sauerkraut ( which I did not like at all).

  4. Oh I love beets. I like the pickled kind in a jar.

  5. Animals and plants and all guests of your house are blessed to be sheltered under your feeling hands! O I know the problem to put a cat in a box to bring her to the vet! But you did the best you can do or her. Big respect and best wishes to you, dear Granny Marigold from Dori

  6. We eat lots and lots of beets from a can. They are getting harder to find the past few months. It's one of our favorite vegetables.
    I agree about the days being much the same when you are retired. They are all pretty much the same except Sunday when we have church. It's going to be interesting here at our new apartment. There are so many things happening around here all of the time.

  7. I always ask myself at day's end, "What did I accomplish today?" Then I write it down on the calendar. Your amaryllis are always so beautiful in spring or summer. You are getting quite a collection of them.

  8. In my opinion borscht isn't borscht unless there are beets. Lol. I do find canned ones at the store here (I make pickled beets often).

    Momma kitty is in good hands having you for her family!!!

    My amaryllis stay in the ground year 'round here...blooming each spring.

  9. I make my borscht without beets just like mom used to make as I got the recipe from my aunt after mom died. I don't remember ever having had it with beets and, not being fond of beets at all, I wouldn't know why anyone would want to put beets into it but each to their own. Mine has cabbage, carrots, potatoes, canned tomatoes, and lots of chopped fresh dill.
    I have given up on storing my amaryllis though I do love them. I just got frustrated with them coming out of dormancy and after all that waiting, not producing any buds.

  10. My mom's borscht never had beets in it. There are different recipes, it seems. I do like borscht with beets, too. Your amaryllis are looking so healthy!