Monday, 20 November 2017

A Christmas Craft Fair

This morning DH and I went to a craft fair where we were greeted by this imposing Christmas tree. The railings on the second floor were hung with various quilts that were of course for sale.

  This display was my favourite. All the bears were beyond my budget but so appealing.

If my fairy godmother had descended and asked me which one I wanted this one would have been my choice.

Oh well. We consoled ourselves by going to the thrift store where I bought these three lovely dolls. I've been eyeing them whenever I'm in that store and now they were all marked at two dollars. I use the same kind of stands that these have to hold my Teddies in a standing position. Those stands cost more than the dolls cost me. Meanwhile I get to enjoy them.
While at the thrift store I happened to meet Karen ( Wyndson Farm). She often is at the thrift store on a Monday while my normal day is Tuesday so our paths rarely cross.

This being Monday I did the usual laundry and right now I have another Christmas fruit cake in the oven. This one is a dark one with molasses and dates and such in it. Trouble is I can't tell if it's done because  I normally go by the colour. IF I could find my meat thermometer I could try that but it has mysteriously disappeared.

Wish me luck with my fruit cake. If it's underdone we'll have to call it Christmas pudding.

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Granny Marigold

Saturday, 18 November 2017

A Lovely Day followed by a Mishap

My daughter Sheila and I had a great time this afternoon visiting a lavender farm with its beautiful grounds.

                       The sky looked a little threatening but fortunately it didn't rain.

                             That's lavender along the sides of this path.

                           More lavender.....

 After we walked around and had gone in the gift shop we went on to a nearby winery.

                      Right behind the shop there were fields of grapevines.

 We had some tasty samples before we left to go on to a small Christmas shop that we pay a visit to every year it seems.

We truly had a lovely time. Now to confess the "mishap". Somehow I managed to delete no less than 7 comments left by some of you dear followers. I tried to get them back but to no avail. I read them all then somehow instead of publishing them I deleted them. I can only say Sorry!!

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             Granny Marigold

Friday, 17 November 2017

Thyme Tea and China

I have a small container garden with different kinds of Thyme growing in it. Well, it's not growing now but it did all Summer and will again next year. I cut some to bring in and try it with my Earl Grey Tea. It's quite good and supposedly good for one's health.  I added it to the tea pot and used a small strainer to keep the leaves out of my cup.

Son2 came home from work with a mysterious bulging bag announcing that he had brought me a present. It's not my birthday so I was baffled but I carefully began to pull things out of the bag and this is what was in it.
A tea pot, 7 cups and 8 saucers, a gravy boat and small tray under it all in Royal Albert pattern "Brigadoon".  An older lady in the complex had come to him and asked if he knew anyone that might want her china. He told me he looked under one piece, saw the words Royal Albert and knew exactly  who would  appreciate it!  Until now I had  a tea cup and saucer and one 8" plate in this pretty pattern.
Now the question is WHERE am I going to keep it? Tomorrow I must seriously rearrange my cupboards and get rid of enough dishes to make room for the new ones.

We had a day of almost clear skies which was nice. We went for a lovely walk after doing the weekly grocery shopping. I wonder what you kept busy with today?

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Granny Marigold

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Rosamunde Pilcher and a New Tea Pot

I went to the library this morning to pick up this book that I had requested and now it is evening and I just finished reading it. I thought I'd love reading about her Christmas traditions and see pictures of her family and I was not disappointed. Do you know that she is 93 years old?  I wasn't even sure she was still living.

DH drove me to the Salvation Army thrift store for a quick peek around. Their parking lot is very small and always full  and I'm not brave enough to try to find a spot. I found another Corelle tea pot similar to the one I found about a month ago. The new one has an Ivy pattern and is a wee bit smaller than the first one. It had a sign on it "needs a good bleaching" and it did too. It cost me all of .75 !!

That is my very short post today. Thanks for visiting.

      Granny Marigold

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Tuesday's Treasures

I can't wait to show you the treasures I found this morning.  First I wanted to show you my sideboard all cleaned off and polished ready for a new display.  Since we already have had a snowfall ( a light one that's long melted but still it counts)  I thought I'd display my Snowman collection.

                     These four are ones I bought this morning and they join the others in the picture below.

       These hankies are some that I have had for some time ( and I use them!)

                            And these are the lovely ones I found this morning.

I will certainly use the Christmas serving plate on the left. Sorry about the glare but I think the raised pattern is visible. The plate on the right just called my name and before I could answer it had jumped into my basket!
  Obviously I didn't get a proper picture of this pretty plate. I'm so bad when it comes to taking pictures!

      Much as I love this one I think it will be a gift for someone who will love it.

One can never have too many bowls and this 25 cent one will be very useful. It even has another pretty flower in the inside!

Last of all is this tin tray that makes me think of Brambly Hedge which I find so cute. Another 25 cent purchase. It's hard to resist cute things when they're so inexpensive.

All these things came home in a big box and now I'm off to find spots for the new items and find "old" things that I can put back into the box to take to the thrift store next week. As I've said so often before, if I don't take back as much as I buy I'll soon run out of room.

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Granny Marigold

Monday, 13 November 2017

Another Blustery Day

We had a very windy weekend. Leaves were flying everywhere and the neighbour's beautiful red-leaved Maple is almost bare now. I wish we would have planted a similar tree years ago when we still had room to put it. I think those are the most lovely of trees.

We were fortunate that our power didn't go out. I did some baking and even got a fruit cake
 ( Christmas cake) done as well as butter tarts. I had enough dough to make 24 shells but ran out of raisins so I made some with Pecans and  the last two I filled with Cherry jam!  I managed to get some in the freezer before they were gobbled up.

Other than all the ordinary things that need doing we had a quiet long weekend. Tomorrow the grands go back to school, DH goes to his volunteer 'job' and I will be off to the thrift store. Before we know it Wednesday will be here and November will be half over!

I hope you are Winnie the Pooh fans because I downloaded some cute windy day pics. Enjoy.

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               Granny Marigold

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Teddy Bears

If you are not interested in Teddy bears I want to warn you right now that that is all this post is about.

I took out the Winter bears just this week which means the Autumn bears have joined the Spring bears under the bed. I rotate them because I don't have space for all of them at the same time and also I appreciate them more this way.

The rest of the bears shown are out all year. These two (below) are made of recycled fur coats.

 This guy is called Craigdarroch because he came from the gift shop in the castle of the same name.
 ( Victoria, B.C.)

Now we come to the ordinary teddies that I find endearing in spite of their being quite ordinary.

                           Some sit high on the old wardrobe....

                                     others perch on my bookshelves....

                             others have found a spot in the sun room.

                              This trio sits on a short flight of stairs.

                                      A tea party

                            and one last photo, again a tea party.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my bears today.
What, if anything, do you like to collect?

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Granny Marigold