Saturday, 13 July 2019

Baking and Books

I took advantage of  some cooler days this week to do some much needed baking. The Banana cake was sent along with DH for coffee time at his volunteer 'job' and the Bran muffins were for ourselves.

I love roasted tomatoes ( DH does not so these will be all for me).
One Banana bread will go into the freezer ( maybe) and the other one went home with youngest son when he left earlier today after doing some digging for me.  I had a very large patch of Sedum "Autumn Joy" which needed to be lifted, divided and 2 clumps re-planted. All done now.  A job well done deserves a reward, right?

              My lunch of leftover homemade pizza and tomatoes with basil and Feta cheese.

Well, that's what I've been doing in the kitchen.  Now for what I'm currently reading.....

                                My library books

                              A thrift store find

                                  My latest Miss Read

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my last post.
Debi asked what I planned to do with the berries. Most went into the freezer but we're enjoying lots just as they are.

The last chapter of my Miss Read book is awaiting me so I think I'll go sit on the swing
 on the porch and finish that lovely book.  I know many of you also enjoy her and this book is autobiographical so to me it is doubly enjoyable.

Hope you're having a good day!!    GM

Friday, 12 July 2019

How to make a Small Boy Happy

DH volunteers with an organization that accepts vegetables that are for one reason or another not saleable. ( Think truck loads of onions, cabbage, carrots...)  Most are past their prime and volunteers come 5 days a week to sort through them, send through a chopped and then through a dryer. The resulting dry soup mix is bagged and when a sufficient number of huge containers are ready that are sent to impoverished countries. Today M decided to accompany his Grandad and from the excited report he gave me when they returned it was the highlight of his week.  He was allowed to do various jobs such as turn the chopper on and off and even carrying large trays of cut-up veggies. He thoroughly enjoyed "coffee time" which for him was hot chocolate time ( with cake and brownies to munch on).
 But that all paled when he got the chance to ride in one of the volunteer's car. Now, this was no ordinary car... it was M's favourite! A red Mustang convertible.  He has well over a hundred "Matchbox" cars but the Mustangs have always been his best ones so this was a dream come true. I do wonder if the kind-hearted man who gave him this all-too-brief chance knows how happy he made one little boy.
Too bad no pictures were taken.
On the way home DH and M stopped to pick Blackberries at a U-Pick, another first for M who was very impressed by the size of the berries.  Here you can see how they compare to raspberries.

Thanks for stopping by,  GM

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Teacup Tuesday

Some days teacups just seem to jump into my shopping basket.  And if they're priced right I let them stay.  These first two were just a dollar each. The one on the left was made by Colclough, the other one by Sutherland ( in case you're interested).

These were a little more ( $4) . Still a good deal. The left one made by Elizabethan, the right one Cotswold.

             I saved my favourites for last... Queen Anne on the left, Phoenix on the right.

Do you have a favourite?

Thanks for visiting today and letting me share my pretty additions to my collection.  And, before you ask, yes, I do have a tiny bit of space left to put them.

Granny Marigold

Sunday, 7 July 2019

An Owl and a Birthday

This morning when we walked along the path in the park we heard the sound of alarmed birds so we stopped to see what might be happening. The birds making all the noise were a pair of Western Tanagers and what they were objecting to was a Barred Owl.  Seeing an Owl is not something that happens very often and we were thrilled to watch it and take pictures. It was watching us too....

...probably wishing we'd move on

...and finally just turning his head around and ignoring us.  Maybe it even went to sleep. After all, isn't that what Owls do during the day?

In the second and third photos you can see one of the Tanagers ( probably the male with his reddish head) right above the Owl.  No, he isn't sitting ON its head, it just looks a bit like it.

Besides our interesting walk, this day was a day to celebrate M's 10th birthday. He's the youngest of the grands and a real sweetheart.  We're so blessed to see him every day and watch him grow up.

Thanks for visiting,  GM

Saturday, 6 July 2019

Seen on our morning walks... and a question answered

On one of our walks we saw more ducks than usual. These are half grown ones probably a second batch for Mrs. Mallard.  There were two female Wood Ducks among the bunch but I don't think  they made it into the picture.

Great Blue Heron looking for breakfast. I took this photo from the internet because the day we saw it I didn't have my camera along.

Here is a turtle coming up from the lake most probably to look for a place to lay her eggs.

And of course there are rabbits around. This little one thought if he held very still I wouldn't see him.

We're hoping to get more rain this coming week. Since the Hydrangeas are still hanging their heads down they won't be any worse off. The little bit of rain we did get wasn't nearly enough.

On the subject of Hydrangeas,  a few posts ago Connie asked me if I ever dried my Hydrangeas and I've been meaning to answer.  I used to dry them, then spray paint them. A couple of years I used them at Christmas poked into fake pine garland which went up, over, and down a 6 foot opening into the living room from the front hall.  It looked great but every time someone brushed against it even lightly dry petals would fall. 

I hope you're having a pleasant weekend.

Thanks for coming by.  GM

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

This and That

Look what arrived from Amazon!!!  240 pages of BP's art, photos and all kinds of info about her.  The dust jacket is cute and but covers only part of the cover. In order not to tear it I think I'll take it off completely while reading the book.

 We discovered this week that the bird we've been calling the Mourning Dove is really the Eurasian Collared Dove, an introduced species from Europe and Asia ( hence the name).  We wondered about the black crescent which the Mourning Dove doesn't have but since the cooing is so similar in both birds and the fact that in my bird identification books the Collared Dove doesn't appear  it's an easy mistake to make.

           Eurasian Collared Dove above and the Mourning Dove below.
                              (  Both pics are from the internet. )

 And last but not least is this Daylily which has just opened and I must look if I have the tag that identifies it. I think it's my favourite one so far!  I'm so glad this one is not affected by the dreadful Gall Midge.

                  To all my American blogging friends!!

Thanks for visiting!    G.M.

Saturday, 29 June 2019

New Hood Fan

We went to a garage sale this morning and found a very nice stainless steel range hood.  We had planned to change our old one which DH built back when our cupboards were new. It was made of oak as are the cupboards but it was time to change it.  This one even has lights which our old one did not.
Our two younger sons came to help and the three of them were busy doing a bit of 'remodeling' which always seems to be necessary when changing almost anything when my DH got one heck of a shock...the electrical kind.  Both boys were horrified that he hadn't bothered to flip the breaker.  I think all three were so relieved that DH was okay and it all ended in great hilarity. I would have liked to make a video of the whole thing. I thought I just had to share this slice of life in this household!!

                 Here they arehard at work figuring out how to fit the new hood in. I think this was before the shocking episode!