Monday, 10 December 2018

Dollhouse Christmas

       It was high time I change the dollhouse 'decor' from Autumn to Christmas.

 The trees on the left light up, and the hard to see light posts on either side of the step are also supposed to but don't. They were bought at the dollar store so I took my chances.  M had fun sprinkling fake snow liberally about.

I think I'm about finished decorating.  

Thanks for coming by,    G.M.

Sunday, 9 December 2018


It is a cold and wet day and I have spent a quiet day reading and drinking tea.
I hope your day has also been a pleasant one.

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Granny Marigold

Saturday, 8 December 2018


I don't think I've tried making Snickerdoodle cookies before this year. I saw the recipe on Karen's Kitchen ( Karen's blog--- Life is Good) and I made them a few weeks ago. They were delicious and disappeared fast. One of my sons suggested that I make them again and put a Rosebud chocolate in each, which I did when I made them yesterday. It worked fine except I added a little more flour than the recipe called for and the cookies are a little dry. Lesson learned... follow the recipe.  ( Those who know me are now grinning as I am famous for NOT following recipes).

The ingredient list on the Rosebud package makes it plain that they contain more than a few less-than-desirable ingredients.  I used them anyway. I suppose a plain old chunk of chocolate would also work.

The cookies have been sampled and declared delicious.  Thanks for posting that recipe, Karen.

Thanks for coming by,

Granny Marigold

Friday, 7 December 2018

New Glasses

DH had a potluck lunch to attend at the place he volunteers at. This is my effort at a Christmassy plate of sweets. He wasn't too sure about my idea of using some sprigs of Cedar .

This morning I took my prescription for new bifocals to a place in the local mall. A lovely young person was very helpful, directing me to the display of much less expensive frames ( regular ones were around $400) and for $149 I found ones I like. Although I tried on 3 pair I went with the first one.  I couldn't believe my good fortune. Now I have to wait 2 weeks to actually get them but it's a relief to have that settled.

Thanks for visiting,  G.M.

Thursday, 6 December 2018


We have a neighbour who is---how shall I put this tactfully?- particular?  He usually puts on Christmas lights and nice decorations on his house. He has a tree in the front yard, maybe 20' tall which he has in the past decorated. This year he seems to have hired 2 young fellows to do this job for him. I've been watching them on and off and they don't seem to be getting much done as they are being watched ( and no doubt told what to do) by the house owner. I really do think these 2 guys wish they's never taken on the job.  later... the 2 young men have left having just done some pruning.  Will they be back to put up the lights or maybe not!!

On the subject of neighbours we have lost a dear elderly lady in her 93rd year.  Right until the end she kept her house, had a garden, and always looked so lovely. She had a string of pearls that she once told me she wore every day, and after that I made a point of looking when we met ( she was a walker too) and yes, she wore her pearls.

Just today I heard of  another elderly couple who live quite close by and who are putting their house up for sale and moving to an assisted living home.

The house next door to ours has sold and although it's a cute little house and the former owner put in new kitchen cabinets and painted  to fix it up for selling it has been bought by a couple who intend to tear it down and build a very large new house.    This is right beside us on the west side so we'll have even more shade than we already do. The neighbourhood sure is changing.

Thanks for coming by and reading my ramblings.

Granny Marigold

Wednesday, 5 December 2018


Many of you will remember this children's poem by Oliver Herford.  It was one of my kid's favourites.

I found another poem by this fellow and I hope you'll like it as much as I do.

           I heard a bird sing

I heard a bird sing
In the dark of December
A magical thing
And sweet to remember

We are nearer to spring
Than we were in September
I heard a bird sing
In the dark of December

 If I had come upon this poem just a few days sooner I could have posted it on Oliver Herford's birthday which was December 2  (1860).

It's another 16 days until the official start of winter and another 5 or 6 weeks after that that we begin to notice the gradual lengthening of the days.
We're having a week of cold clear days. Guess we won't know if our roof problem is fixed until the rains return.  Hopefully it won't leak.

I had my eyes checked this morning and now comes the dreaded job of going  to choose new frames. I'm always uncertain what I like and what "suits" me.

Thanks for coming by,   G,M,

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Day 4

Oh My.  It's only the 4th day and I'm out of things to say?  It was such a peaceful and uneventful day.
A little housework, a bit of baking, some reading ( dipping in to Wind in the Willows),... life is made up of days such as this. I hope you had a wonderful day too.

Thanks for coming by,

    Granny M.