Tuesday 23 April 2024

This and That


 Starting my week with flowers delivered yesterday 💗

 From the beautiful to the disgusting. I bought a bag of carrots about a week or so ago. I used some for a carrot cake then a few more in a soup I was making. Yesterday I reached into the bag to get one to give to my bunny and discovered a disgusting rotten mess. I was able to save a few that I washed thoroughly.
Buying a 5 lb bag didn't save me any money this time, that's for sure.

 A trip to the plant shop to look around and also buy my tomato plants, petunias, and snap dragons.
For now I have them on the porch ( it's enclosed) just until the night temperature stays above 10C.
A few miniature Hostas and more Hart's Tongue ferns also jumped into my cart. Weird how that always happens.


Today is the last in a stretch of reasonably sunny days so, knowing it would be cloudy by evening today,  I made sure to go out last night and look at the moon. Tonight is the Pink Moon apparently named  after the flower called "moss pink" or wild ground phlox which apparently blooms around this time.

Thanks for coming by,  Have a lovely day   




  1. Didn't think of you being able to get hart's Tongue Ferns out there. Here we're waiting for nights that don't go below zero!

  2. What pretty flowers... and oh, the smell of the stargazer lily.

  3. Yay for all the plants. Funny how more comes home with us than we have planned.

  4. Ah: The name will be "Pink moon"!
    Ah: You have a sweet bunny!
    I think, some plants from the shop jump themselves into your cart! :)

  5. So sorry about the carrots always disappointing.
    I saw the moon last night and the skies were a light pink made a for a beautiful picture.
    We are a month from planting anything tender our nights are still getting to 20F.

  6. Sorry about the carrots. That's happened to me recently. I found that if I slice some and store them in water in the fridge, they work great as meal prep.

  7. I always love seeing the plants you pick out when you go shopping. and aren't your flowers spectacular! Lucky you! Sorry to hear about the carrots. I never heard of Hart's tongue ferns! Always something new to learn!

  8. Tom has his tomato starts up from seed and transplanted into four inch pots. They have been outside on sunshiny days but are back in the greenhouse tonight.

  9. Sorry about the carrots. Yuck! The flowers are very pretty though and I know how easily plants jump into your cart.

  10. I had often this problem with carrots so now I buy only the carrots I need from the farm. Very nice flowers 🌺

  11. How funny! It is fabric that dives into my cart!