Wednesday 24 April 2024

Rhubarb, Tulips and Soup Mix

 DH came home from working at Gleaners and brought a handful of rhubarb that a fellow volunteer had grown in her garden. I'm amazed at the thickness of those stalks. Once chopped it was enough to bake a rhubarb cake.


He informed me that today marked 250 million portions of soup mix that Gleaners has produced in the 22 years that it has been established here in the Fraser Valley. In case you're new and haven't read about Gleaners, they are an organization that rescues surplus vegetables and turns them into dry soup mix that is sent to feed hungry people  around the world.  For instance they might get 50,000 lbs of carrots that for some reason could not be sold in grocery stores. ( Maybe they got too large or were deformed. Sometimes it's hard to know why they were rejected by the stores.) It's not unusual to get such massive amounts of any vegetable.

Tulips are so pretty and I love having them in a vase but do you find that they open up excessively?
I couldn't find a satisfactory answer on the internet. I'd sure like to know how to prevent it from happening ( it doesn't always but I'm not sure what I do differently).


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  1. The cake looks delicious and i want to eat a piece of it NOW!!
    I remember very well that DH is engaged in this wonderful project to make soup for suffering people from vegetables, which would be lost. Well done!! Congratulations for 250 million portions of soups!!!!!!
    Tulips are beautiful flowers. I love them!

  2. That rhubarb looks good 👍 it's been a while since I had any!

  3. I miss my rhubarb plants at the house. I wonder if the people there have pulled it up or are enjoying the bounty? I love the fact that your hubby is so faithful to the Gleaners. And that is a LOT of carrots! Whoa! Such a huge amount of servings. Something to be very proud of being part of for sure.
    Your tulips are beautiful, even the last photo. They don't look much like tulips there though, do they?
    Blessings and hugs,

  4. I did not check my rhubarb yet but I must have some ready for a crumble ! The problem with the tulips is that they continue to grow in the vase but I don’t know how to prevent them from growing.
    I wish you a good day?

  5. I love rhubarb. And the flowers are SO pretty!

  6. I don't know about them opening or why though I really love the open one. So pretty.

  7. It's tulip season in my homeland and I guess the traffic is very heavy! Your rhubarb cake looks so good! xoPom Pom

  8. I find myself wishing I could reach into the screen and sample a piece of your rhubarb cake. It looks so delicious. I think rhubarb is such a pretty color and has such a unique flavor. I must get out and find some to do my own baking with.
    Wow, that is such an impressive achievement that Gleaners has made. I don't think I knew exactly what they did. I appreciate you explaining it. What a wonderful organization to find a good use for food that would most likely be wasted.
    I just tossed my tulip bouquet that looked much like your second photo. I'm not sure why they open so wide. Be curious to see if anybody has the answer to that question.

  9. Your cake looks wonderful. I would love the recipe and I'll just bet that many of your followers would also enjoy it. Yum!!!

  10. I'm amazed at rhubarb already! The Gleaners have done wonderful work.

  11. I think my brother and his wife do either the Gleaners, or something very like what you describe....that is sure a huge number and one to be proud of and happy about. I wonder about the tulips and read every comment to see if anyone knew. Sometimes I think it is just the particular variety...cause some of ours here open up wide...well, the one I posted, and then today I posted a couple more photos, and one of them is the variety I have been posting but the there is another in the background and it does not open wide at all.

  12. It is really encouraging to be reminded about the work that Gleaners does. <3