Thursday 11 April 2024

Downsizing and some Muffins


Another ordinary day. Started with doing the grocery shopping and a trip to get rid of garbage and some recycling.  Later I continued my downsizing efforts and went through my collection of tiny ceramic purses and shoes as well as pretty pins ( brooches). It wasn't easy deciding which ones I'd keep.



One more thing I needed to do was to bake Oldest Grandson's favourite peach muffins.

That's done and it's time to sit down with a cuppa. 

Thanks for taking the time to visit 💗


  1. It really is hard to downsize. You did well.
    Those tiny shoes are so cute. I'd have a hard time downsizing them. At least they don't take up much room.
    Those muffins look fantastic!!

  2. Good luck with the downsizing. I don't believe I've ever had a peach muffin. They DO look good!

  3. Downsizing. We've done it three times in 3 1/2 years. It's not easy at all, but I had no choice since we were moving cross country and also, didn't want our daughter to have to deal with all of our "stuff" when we're gone. Congrats on what you were able to complete.

  4. Good for you, Granny! Maybe the little shoes that are left are more honored, by being displayed in a less crowded way. That is a lovely collection.

    Do the peach muffins have canned peaches in the recipe?

    Gretchen Joanna

  5. I LOVE ordinary days :)
    The peach- muffins look delicious!
    To reduce old beloved things is not easy, but sometimes necessary..

  6. I need to do more downsizing but what to do with the stuff I no longer want?!
    It's truly hard to decide what goes.
    Happy weekend!

  7. We all collect so much stuff that we will one day have to get rid of, stuff that we liked, and it’s hard to part with it.

  8. Boy, did we ever downsize when we moved to live with daughter. The thing is, I had been trying to reduce for years. Only one or two things have I missed.

  9. Downsizing is a challenge especially when we are fond of our collections. After downsizing my entire house when moving several years ago, I can't say I miss much of what I parted with. Now I am careful not to bring in too many things.
    Peach muffins look and sound delicious!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. If It is super hard to decide just move on to something else the time is not right to down size those right now.
    Peach muffins sound pretty yummy

  11. Deciding what to keep is a big challenge when you start to downsize. And where to get rid of stuff is a real challenge too. It doesn't all deserve to go to the dump!

  12. When we have collections that we love it truly is hard to downsize. Thank you for sharing your before and after pictures. You really did a splendid job of downsizing! Also, I was glad to see the before and afters because I had never seen ceramic purses before. They are adorable! My grandmother used to have some of the ceramic shoes. Oh...peach muffins! Yes, please!

  13. Lovely muffins 🥰 downsizing is not easy but good too...

  14. Somehow collecting is more fun that keeping.

  15. Isn't it ever so difficult to decide which ones to keep and which ones you are willing to part with? Yum, the peach muffins look delicious! Does the recipe call for canned peaches? I just might want your recipe!

  16. It must have been tough choosing what to keep.
    Those muffins look so yummy! 😋

    Have a great weekend!

  17. The peach muffins must have been amazing, I think they match, they have an amazing aroma! I loved your collection of ceramic shoes and bags, hard to narrow down!

  18. I enjoy a good declutter/downsize. Though I also get sometimes it may be difficult to decide what goes and stays. For me, I usually just keep what I love the most and goodbye to the rest. Love that you made peach muffins! That sounds refreshing! Cheers, Ivy.

  19. Your muffins are tempting to eat!
    It is very difficult to part from things we like.

  20. You did great downsizing! The muffins look great!

  21. Oldest Grandson was thrilled with the muffins!! <3 - Sheila