Wednesday, 1 July 2015


It's Canada Day and we have our annual family BBQ to get ready for. A good time to give Bracken a bath. He is not a big fan of baths and runs to hide when the tub comes out but he cannot resist treats so gives in. Don't you love the longsuffering look on his face?

      This is the messiest area well hidden from view by... what else but Hydrangeas!

                 And here he is, nice and clean after a couple of good shakes.

Yesterday a wasp nest was discovered not ten feet from the picnic table, hanging on a beam.. How we could have missed it I don't know because there were so many wasps coming and going. My son dealt with the problem and we won't have to worry about them joining in this afternoon!

I'm off to tend to last minute details such as finding the Canada Day paper plates and napkins bought half-price last year on July second. I will try to remember to take pictures of the table when I get it done. 
              Granny Marigold


  1. It's funny. My dog Sparky just got his bath for the 4th here in Minnesota. I hope your forest fires are calming down. That's very sad. Happy Canada Day! Phil/Eagle Bend, MN

  2. Happy Canada Day! Glad you spotted those pesky wasps before they could do any damage! :)

  3. Hope your family BBQ was a roaring success:) At least you probably didn't have to worry about wasp stings;-)
    I like the name Bracken!