Wednesday, 15 July 2015

More Thrifty Finds

Just yesterday I was commenting that I can't resist pretty boxes, tins etc...  Well this morning I found this "book box" at the thrift store,  and it was half price.

Almost every one of these books was half price and just what I'm interested in reading about lately.

 This cookbook has very basic sorts of recipes, just the kind for me. I am not fond of making meals and since I rarely eat meat I look for recipes that are not only simple but the kind that will provide the nutrients I need and which will go well with whatever piece of meat DH chooses to have.  I think I'll find good stuff in this one.

These next two items were not marked down but were nevertheless not expensive. The tea cup has Pansies which I love, and also has my birth month on it. How great is that!!!

This large platter has such a lovely autumn design around the border and will be perfect for the Thanksgiving turkey. I plan on using it for my Fall display as well.  Paid 2.50

Those are my thrifty buys for today. Hope you enjoyed looking at them.

          Granny Marigold


  1. I'm always drawn to big platters, but there are only so many that one can use:) MCC East today?

  2. I love those book boxes...I have one and I love it! I rarely see them. Good finds:)

  3. I love the book box that you found, so pretty. It would make a great gift box. I gave the "Where's Mom..." book to both of my boys when they set out on their own. I must confess to a slight Amish obsession... love the recipes and reading about their lifestyle. You have some great finds!