Sunday, 19 July 2015


What to blog about when it's really too hot to think of much at all.  How about Hollyhocks?    Mine are blooming but don't look nearly as lovely as these on the photos I got off the internet. I have three colours as far as I can tell. There's a delicate pinky yellow one that is my favourite, a medium pink and a dark rose one. These last two self seed everywhere and I get varying shades of  rose from them.

 One year I bought a plant of these doubles and it was lovely but didn't make it through the winter and didn't self-seed either. Probably something to do with being a Hybrid . Anyway, I think I prefer the singles.  I think mine was a yellow one.

Thanks for coming by on this Sunday.  I hope you are having a restful and enjoyable day!

      Granny Marigold


  1. I love hollyhocks! They remind me of Beatrix Potter. But I can never find the singles, which I much prefer. Do you grow them from seed? Maybe they don't do well up north where I am? Have a peaceful Sunday. :)

  2. I babied my first ever Hollyhock for three years before it finally bloomed and although they are 'supposed' to be biennial this one lived many more years and self-sowed far and wide. One year I bought seeds and looked forward to having a rainbow of colours the next year but not one made it through its first winter. So I bought a plant and that one has lived many years as well and also has self-seeded abundantly. I'd say they just seem to have a mind of their own. *smile* I'm not sure about your being north because I'm a lot farther north than you are. But I suppose altitude might be a factor.

  3. Hi! I love Hollyhocks. Thought about buying a couple plants this year but didn't do it. Maybe next year! Nancy

  4. Is there any flower that you can't grow? :) Hollyhocks are beautiful. Wish I had planted a row. Maybe I will remember to do that next year. Hollyhocks were one of my Mother's favorite flower.

    1. My yard is such a mass of shrubs and flowers that I often wonder too what I all grow., Just remember, the Hollyhocks in those pics were not mine. Mine as not nearly as lovely and lush. My Mom grew them too, right against the wall of the old farmhouse.