Friday, 10 July 2015

F riday's Flowers

My Zinnias are starting to bloom. I had sown more but some got eaten when they were a few inches high. Never did figure out what got them but it could have been snails or slugs. I don't have the variety of colours I had last year. I'm pleased to see them doing well though.

    The Strawflowers and Lobelia are thriving with all the sunshine we've had.

The Montbretia is also doing well. I was bending down under them to pull weeds when I heard a Hummingbird right over my head. I think if I had stood up quickly it would have caught in my hair.

And the first Morning Glory has opened!!  I hope there will be a few different colours when more begin to bloom.

Today was a busy day and I am posting this after supper. Oh well. Better late than never.

                    Granny Marigold


  1. You have such a green thumb! The hummingbird incident was exciting! :) It's so dry here. The grass is all crunchy and brown. Enjoy your flowers!

  2. Love those morning glories....I read recently that you can tell the colors that your morning glory will bloom by the colors of their stems: Green stems = white flowers; pale red stems = pink flowers; dark red stems = red flowers; and purple stems = blue flowers. Since I only have the blue ones planted, I can't verify this but I will watch your future postings to see if you can verify this with your plants. You have such a beautiful garden!