Friday, 13 June 2014

Friday's flowers

I walked in light rain this morning. Few people were out, I rather like having the park to myself. 
I couldn't resist getting down to the edge of the bridge and pulling up a few of the lovely Water lilies. I know they are a bother because every year they need to be "harvested" so they don't clog the whole lake, but they certainly are beautiful to see.

 Once home I went to look at my flowers to see which were falling over from the rain. Cut some white Campanula and a few more Peonies.

 A tall Foxglove had also fallen and I brought it in.
My Mock Orange is in full bloom and looking gorgeous as it does every year.

A few pictures of the yard.....the front

                      and the back.
Is it a sunny day where you live?   Even if it isn't, may sunshine be in your hearts!

          Granny Marigold


  1. What a massive area you must have to keep tidy but oh how lovely, especially now when the flowers are in bloom!

    1. Our city lot is a third of an acre if I remember correctly. I know we're so fortunate because the newer lots are much smaller. We have a small area of grass in the back yard; the rest is all either shrubs and flowers or mulch area where the grandkids playhouse and swing is. It's not really tidy at all but I'm happy that it appears so. Because I let most of the volunteer flowers grow I tend to have a rather untidy mass at this time of year.