Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Teacup Tuesday

What to do when lovely teacups tempt me with their beauty and their price? I couldn't resist so I now have even more teacups than before. One of these days I'll run out of space.

         This lovely teacup has what might be a guitar-playing troubadour and his lady in colourful ovals on gray patterned background. The bottom of the saucer merely has the words "made in Japan" on it.

 I had no success with photographing this cup and saucer without a glare. You'll have to believe me when I say it has pretty roses and a gold border.  Again, only the words "made in Japan" on it.

 This one, by Royal Grafton,
 is also covered with flowers, mainly what appear to be roses.
  Again I had trouble with glare  with this cream teacup with bunches of flowers and gold border. The outside of the cup and the edge of the saucer have a pattern in relief.  It is a Crown Ducal "Picardy"

This cup came without a saucer. It's Royal Albert "Forget-me-not Roses"  a pattern I have not seen before. I love its graceful shape and delicate flowers which are very like the flowers on the next cup, one I've had for some time.

This last cup and saucer is small ( demi-tasse?) and is not a recent purchase but I couldn't resist including it because the Strawberry pattern is  so appropriate with what's been happening in my kitchen this week.
I'll try not to post about tea cups again for a long while. I promise! 
          Granny Marigold


  1. I have the strawberry one in both mugs and in a larger tea cup. I also have desert plates to match. They are my granddaughters fsvourite set.

  2. Hi GM! Oh, I love your teacups! Aren't they wonderful? I always drink out of big mugs because I like LOTS of coffee and LOTS of tea. Have you ever watching Keeping Up Appearances (an old BBC comedy)? They call mugs beakers. I also like your green counters and green plate racks!

    1. That show is too funny. My family has an english background and my oldest sister is just like Hiacynth. She will be 80 nect June and so part of the do, will include a skit which hopefuly will rival Mrs. Bucket. We will be using our hand painted periwinkle china - no beakers.

  3. I must admit I rarely drink out of my tea cups for that very reason. Too small! And yes, I have watched Hyacinth with her funny ways. I love her next door neighbour Elizabeth who gets so nervous and ends up spilling her tea. Out of her beaker. So nice to see you here. I so enjoy your blog.

  4. As you said tea cups are lovely. I am very much attracted by it's color and the design.

  5. I do hope you won't abide by your promise too long as I enjoy reading about and seeing all your tea cup treasures....I can be entertained for ages on the royalalbertpatterns.com site. Have you ever checked it out? It's there that I learned the terminology for the different shapes of the tea cups. Today I found a treasure for $1, a Paragon cup & saucer in a pattern called Wedding Bouquets Orchid, one that I had not seen before. Looking forward to more tea cup postings.

  6. I had never been to the Royal Albert site but now that I've been there ( and book marked it!!) I'll be visiting it often. I am not familiar with the pattern "Wedding Bouquets orchid" but I can imagine it is lovely. AND for a dollar!

  7. Very interesting to see all those beautiful things, I love your teddy bear in his dress.
    Also very good to see that blood root plant. Your yard is something to see, so green
    and flowers everywhere, I saw the Astilbe flowers in the corner of the yard, very nice.

  8. Love the strawberry teacup...and the one with the guitar-playing troubadour is really unique.