Sunday, 15 June 2014

Mystery Plant

A couple of years ago my son brought home a potted plant left by behind by a tenant. It had pretty and unusual leaves so I transplanted it into a larger pot and left it outside in a semi-shaded spot
 ( which apparently was exactly what I should have done). The plant died down in mid summer and I sort of forgot about it until the next spring when in March tiny nubbins of pale green came up and 'exploded' into gorgeous white flowers. The flowers were somewhat short-lived and after they faded the plant sent out lots of large lobed leaves.  I have tried a number of times to get an identification but until today I was unsuccessful. At our local nursery this morning an employee took the leaf I brought in and searched the internet until he found it. Sanguinaria Canadensis  also known as Bloodroot.

Bloodroot has many medical attributes and googling it reveals how it is used.

         This is what the plant looks like in March as the flowers just start to peek out.

               This is the plant in the wild. It obviously has single flowers.

This is what mine looks like when in full bloom. If I remember correctly the flowers have a sweet scent.
 While employee #1 was searching the internet employee #2 came up to see what was happening. ( It was a very slow morning . Guess no one buys plants for Father's Day).  This second man said he had seen this plant WITH PINK FLOWERS near an old house in Chilliwack.  If I ever find a pink one you know I'll be trying to get one.
    I'm happy to have my mystery plant identified. 

                       GRANNY MARIGOLD

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  1. My sister and BIL were posted to Chilliwack in the late 50s-early 60s. I remember seeing that plant in pink. There was a farm just behind where they lived and there was lots of it there.