Monday, 2 June 2014

Storage ideas

Since I don't have much space for storing things I have to be creative. I have not got a linen closet, for example, so I use a big old wardrobe. It has four shelves and a big drawer on the bottom. Even so I find the shelves are too full and I will have to sort through and maybe get rid of some extras. I seem to have a lot of cushions. More about that later.
I love old doilies and pieces of antique lace and I had a jumble of pieces in a drawer, this one in a desk in the living room!  I separated the doilies I actually use and the ones too fragile to use and the small pieces of hand made lace and put those in a suitcase that my oldest daughter had decorated for me a few years back. Believe it or not I had it in a coat closet sitting empty and never thought of using it.  Duh!

Here you can see my little stash of old hankies. So pretty that I can't imagine using them to blow  my nose with!  Yet I remember faithfully taking a hankie to school every day in elementary school,  often tucked up my sleeve.

These are not suitcases and I'm at a loss what to call them but they are so handy. I keep gift bags in one, tissue paper in another etc.. They are tucked behind a chair in the living room. Those are peacock feathers in the vase to the right. I remember the day my sons gathered some of those at a farm we were spending Sunday afternoon at. The kind of farm that existed a century ago with the house furnished as it would have been, a huge old barn with animals and outside hens, ducks, and peacocks running free. The feathers were just lying on the ground for anyone to pick up. I was happy to get them.

This blue train case has stayed empty so far. Maybe I'll think of something I can keep in it to make it useful.

 Earlier I said I had a few too many pillows/cushions. Well, when I saw this pretty embroidered one with wide lace all around I knew it would be perfect for my bed. I had a bit of trouble washing it ( by hand )_ without getting the ribbon too soaked but I managed.  It cost me only two dollars.

This has been a long post. DH and I are going away for a couple of days so I might not post until the end of the week. Hopefully I'll have pictures of our get away to share.


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