Wednesday 7 December 2016

In my Kitchen

It's very cold today. Minus 5 C with a windchill of minus 12   ( -5C is about 23F) . For us this is cold!!   So I decided to warm up the kitchen and bake my Weinachts Stollen. This traditional German fruit bread is served only during the Christmas season.  The first two pictures
  are  from the internet and look so perfect. Then there are the ones I made. I console myself with the fact that at least mine turned out very tasty. My cousin and her husband came by for tea and he couldn't get over how good it was.  I wish I could make my baking look like the pictures though.
Maybe if I put lots of icing on them will hide the lumpiness.

Since I intend to freeze some I didn't ice them nor sprinkle icing sugar over them. I'll do that when I serve them.

My mom used to make icebox cookies that also used the glaced fruit. I have made them in the past but must have lost the recipe. I got one off the internet and it turned out just like I remember them.

It's so cold that the Hummingbird feeder froze. We brought it in for night and by lunchtime I noticed that the Hummingbird was hovering around the spot where it should be. I hurried out and I don't think I was 5 feet away before it was feeding.  The Chickadee feeder was full of sunflower seeds  and I spread regular bird seed on the ground for the other birds. I don't want to run out of food for the birds while this cold weather lasts.

I hope you are  all keeping warm and cozy, maybe doing some of your baking?

Thanks for coming by,

Granny Marigold


  1. Your Christmas baking sounds very tasty!
    We are cold here for us, down to about 25 F here tonight and then probably snow tomorrow evening before it warms up to 40 and turns to rain.

  2. Your stollen looks delicious and I am impressed with the quantity you seem to turn out with little effort. How wonderful it will be to have that stashed away in the freezer.
    We are supposed to dip into the 20s tomorrow night. That will feel really cold for us.

  3. I also get the urge to bake when it is really cold. I think your bread looks delicious and how it tastes is really all that matters!

  4. I have made a start and the freezer is full but I intend to have a little bake today. I think the stolen looks amazing, which I lived a little nearer so that I could do the taste test. Take care.

  5. Your stollen looks delicious! If I had made all those, we, who have no will power with things like that, would eat waaaay too much in one sitting....

  6. We are cold too. I think your bread looks really good! I will bake one kind of cookie and Pumpkin Bread. That is about it and not just yet as we will eat it all:)

  7. Hi G.M, your stolen looks yummy! I MUST make some. My Oma always made some at Christmas too.
    We have been hearing you are in quite a cold snap. How kind you are to make sure all the critters have food.
    Stay warm!

  8. If I could only bake like you, I would not care what it looked like. The loaves you baked look perfect to me, and so delicious. Your weather sounds awfully cold, and I was just talking about how cold we are at 23 degrees. Gosh, wonder if I could try making stolen. :)